The Controversy Surrounding the Statue of the King of Sarangpur & Transformation of Saints due to Greed.

King of Sarangpur: Demands to Remove Paintings Here. If these paintings aren’t removed, it might spark various protest events, still sparking controversies.

Botad: The current talk of the state is the controversy surrounding the Sarangpur Temple. A dispute has arisen over the power and paintings beneath the 54-foot statue of Hanuman in the Sarangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanuman Temple. For a while now, these paintings have been causing disputes on social media. Hindu saints have shown strong opposition to this. There is a demand to remove these paintings. If these paintings aren’t removed, it might lead to various protest events, still sparking controversies.

Let me inform you that in Botad district, there is a temple of Sarangpur Hanuman, where a grand 54-foot statue of the King of Sarangpur is being erected. Underneath this statue, there are artistic depictions on a pedestal. In these depictions, Swaminarayan Bhagwan is depicted standing alongside Hanumanji, paying homage to him. It is shown that beneath the statue of Kashtbhanjan Hanuman, these depictions depict Hanumanji as a servant. This information has been found through various social media mentions.

Different individuals on social media have also highlighted their opposition to this matter.

Hindu Organizations’ Aggressive Stance

The controversy surrounding this painting has led to an aggressive stance by various Hindu organizations. All Hindu organizations have demanded that these depictions be removed immediately. This matter escalated further when a meeting with Vadatal Swaminarayan Trust was scheduled, which was eventually canceled in the last moment. So, today a meeting on this matter can take place.

Diverse Depictions

At the Sarangpur Hanuman Temple, a 54-foot-tall statue of Hanuman Maharaj has been installed. Beneath this statue, several depictions are present. In these depictions, Hanumanji is portrayed as a devotee of Sahajanand Swami and is shown paying respects with folded hands. Moreover, Hanumanji is depicted sitting alongside Sahajanand Swami on a seat in another painting. In yet another depiction, Hanumanji is shown sitting at the feet of Sahajanand Swami in a posture of reverence.

Saints and Sages Displeased

Mangidhar Bapu of Mugal Dham in Kutch has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the depictions of Hanuman created by the temple. He remarked, “You are disrespecting the eternal religion, the entire nation, and the 33 crore deities. If you don’t apologize for demeaning them, it’s fine.” He further stated that the portrayal of Hanumanji touching the feet of Swaminarayan Sampraday is a grave mistake. He warns them to acknowledge their error and seek forgiveness. Mangidhar Bapu also emphasized that whatever he spits out, they will have to lick it. Otherwise, the Chharan Samaj won’t spare them.

Ramashwar Bapu also reacted to this matter. He mentioned that today, many people are showing Hanumanji as an ordinary person along with their devotion. Such actions are leading them down the path of materialism. What you are doing is against the principles of Sanatan Dharma. Ramashwar Bapu pointed out that they should be cautious, go back, and return to the eternal nature of Sanatan Dharma, which is timeless and infinite.

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