Protest in Vadodara Over Teacher’s Remarks on Salangpur Hanumanji and Ramayana Sparks Controversy

A fervent controversy has erupted in Vadodara, Gujarat, surrounding a school teacher who allegedly made remarks casting doubt on the authenticity of the revered Hindu epic, Ramayana, and referred to the sizable Hanuman idol as a “mannequin.” The incident has garnered significant attention and evoked strong reactions, prompting activists affiliated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal to stage protests within the school premises, demanding appropriate measures in response.

A controversy has engulfed The New Era School in Vadodara, Gujarat, as allegations of falsification concerning a Hanuman idol and the authenticity of the Ramayana have surfaced. The issue has gained significant traction, leading to a fervent response from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal. The controversy escalated further as VHP members protested at the school, denouncing the portrayal of the Ramayana and the Hanuman statue in Botad, Gujarat, as mere effigies. Activists have called for decisive action against the teacher allegedly responsible for making derogatory comments against revered deities. However, the teacher in question has refuted these claims. In the wake of the uproar, the school’s principal has announced an investigation into the matter.

Vadodara School Controversy: Teacher Accused of Disparaging Ramayana and Hanuman Idol in Classroom

A teacher at New Era High School on Makarpura Road in Vadodara has come under scrutiny for allegedly making disparaging remarks about the authenticity of the Ramayana and dismissing the 64-feet Hanuman statue in Salangpur, Botad as a mere money-making “mannequin.” The controversy unfolded when a class VII student shared their experience of visiting Salangpur, prompting the teacher’s contentious comments. The incident swiftly garnered attention, leading to involvement from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal, further escalating the dispute.

Face-to-Face Encounter between Student and Teacher Unfolds Amidst Controversy

A face-to-face interaction between a student and a teacher at New Era High School has come to the forefront amidst the ongoing controversy. Krishna Udesinh, the Tarsali Bajrang Dal Convenor, shed light on the encounter, revealing that when the teacher and students were brought together, several students affirmed the teacher’s alleged comment. Udesinh emphasized the demand for either appropriate action to be taken against the teacher or a formal apology to the aggrieved parties.

Teacher’s Response and Perspective:

In her defense, the accused school teacher, Kokila Ben Makwana, refuted the allegations, asserting that she had not made any comments of the sort attributed to her. Instead, Makwana clarified that her intent was to motivate students towards diligent studies, suggesting that success relies on their own efforts rather than divine intervention. Drawing upon her 15-year tenure as a Gujarati subject teacher at the school, Makwana highlighted her history of maintaining a harmonious teaching environment without any prior disputes.

Contextualizing the Statement:

Makwana contextualized her statement by referencing a lesson centered around a story about an underprivileged child. She emphasized the importance of hard work and dedicated studying, which she conveyed as key factors in achieving one’s goals.

Broader Implications and Resolving the Matter:

This direct confrontation between the student and the teacher underscores the gravity of the controversy. As the investigation into the incident progresses, it is crucial for the school administration to diligently examine the evidence and testimonies to reach a comprehensive resolution. The incident highlights the significance of fostering open lines of communication, understanding, and mutual respect within educational institutions.

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