Late Night Cattle-Grabbing Altercation in Ahmedabad: 8 Individuals, Including Women, Face Criminal Charges

Following the strict orders from the Gujarat High Court, a tumultuous clash unfolded between the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the police while attempting to capture cattle in Sarkhej. On Monday night, the Municipal Corporation’s cattle capturing team arrived near Makarba village, close to the primary school, where they encountered around five cows sitting on the road. The Municipal Corporation team attempted to capture the cows using a tractor. In the process, five women and two men accompanied by the cattle confronted the team and launched an attack. The confrontation escalated, and three workers were injured. This incident, involving stone-throwing and violence, was noted and reported to the Sarkhej Police Station, with eight individuals, including women, being accused of rioting and assault.

Confrontation With the Cattle Capture Team

For the task of capturing cattle after Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation placed this responsibility on Devendra Desai in the South West Zone, a team was formed within the C-NCD department. On Monday night, Devendra Bhai, SRP, and Vasna Police Station employees accompanied the team to Sarkhej. When the cattle capture team arrived near the Makarba Primary School, they found four to five cows sitting on the road. Consequently, those trying to capture the cows were confronted by laborers who attempted to obstruct them by placing logs on the tractor’s path. The workers, three men and two women, arrived with sticks in their hands, while a commotion started with the team.

Women Threw Stones at the Team

The Municipal Corporation team successfully managed to release three out of the five cows they attempted to capture. However, they had stones thrown at them by women, resulting in an attack on the team. Eventually, with police assistance, one of the attackers was apprehended. The Municipal Corporation team took this individual to the Sarkhej Police Station, where they subsequently filed a complaint against him.

Women and Eight Others Booked by Police

The name of the person who carried out the attack is identified as Shailesh Bharwad. He met with his family, and the police, along with the Municipal Corporation team, have initiated an investigation in Sarkhej’s Indira Nagar. Four women from Bharwad’s household, along with eight others, are now facing charges related to the gunfight and assault against the Municipal Corporation team.

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