Vaibhav Gehlot Appears Before ED in Delhi for Questioning on Firms’ Mauritius Links and Foreign Dealings

Ashok Gehlot’s son, Vaibhav Gehlot, has appeared before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Delhi. On October 25th, ED had summoned Vaibhav Gehlot for questioning regarding alleged violations under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). He had requested time until October 30th to appear before the ED, and he has now complied with the summons after consulting with his lawyers.

The Enforcement Directorate is expected to question Vaibhav Gehlot about his company’s business dealings, partnerships, and links to Mauritius. Vaibhav and his family members, who are directors in the companies, have been asked to provide all relevant documents. The ED is seeking detailed information about Vaibhav’s companies and their transactions, particularly with Triton Hotels and transactions from abroad.

This development follows the ongoing investigation into FEMA violations and financial transactions involving Vaibhav Gehlot and his companies. The Enforcement Directorate is investigating these transactions, and more information is being sought to complete the probe.

The primary focus of the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) questioning of Vaibhav Gehlot is related to alleged money laundering and the Mauritius link. Vaibhav Gehlot’s companies are under scrutiny for their financial dealings, attempts to move funds abroad through the Mauritius link, and their involvement in money laundering activities. In particular, Vaibhav’s company is accused of transferring approximately 100 crore rupees to Mauritius through a shell company linked to Shell companies.

This case was brought to ED’s attention by Rajya Sabha Member Kirori Lal Meena in June. The accusation is that Gehlot and his family members moved money to Mauritius through Hawala transactions. In this investigation, the ED is primarily focused on probing violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Vaibhav Gehlot clarified that his business relations with Triton Hotels are limited to providing taxi services, and he has no involvement as a director or partner in any of the companies. He emphasized that his dealings with Triton are solely related to taxi services, and he has not held any directorial or partnership positions in any of Triton’s companies. He stated that he has no information about Triton’s overseas business activities, emphasizing that he does not have any business or assets abroad. Furthermore, he pointed out that during the investigation conducted 12 years ago, he had submitted all the necessary documents and information related to the case, and no irregularities were found at that time. However, the case has resurfaced in the context of the current elections.

Vaibhav Gehlot revealed that Ratan Sharma has served as the legal advisor for his company, Sunlight Car Rental Services, in the past. However, he clarified that despite mentioning the names of certain individuals, there are no illicit business relationships between him and those individuals. Ratan Sharma’s association with Vaibhav’s company, Sunlight Car Rental Services, was in the capacity of a director.

It should be noted that in the context of the investigation, Ratan Sharma’s involvement as a director in Vaibhav’s company is under scrutiny by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). This situation has led to a reevaluation of their past business associations and legal advice provided.

Niyati Rao

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