Accident Caught on CCTV: Bus Driver Escapes Mishap as Garbage Collector Under AMTS Bus Activates

CCTV footage of a hit-and-run incident in Ahmedabad has surfaced. On the morning of April 19th at around 10:24 AM, near Bhulabhai Char Rasta, two AMTS bus drivers had a heated argument. During the altercation, one of the drivers deliberately hit the other driver’s bus on the side, causing it to collide with the divider on the Adhe-Dod Road. As a result, the rear tire of the bus hit the head of the other driver, leading to his demise at the scene. Meanwhile, the driver responsible for the collision fled the scene hastily, escaping consequences. Traffic police have initiated an investigation and are noting down details of the incident.

The oncoming bus collided with Navinbhai’s scooter. According to available information, Navinbhai Patel, aged 52, resides with his family in Vrajbhumi, located in Baherampura. They are involved in the wood business under the name of Shree Vishnu Saw Mill. On April 19th, Thursday, they were on their way to the mill. Navinbhai had gone to his home to pick up some documents from the society’s office. In the meantime, while crossing Bhulabhai Char Rasta on his scooter, he was hit by an AMTS bus coming from the opposite direction at that moment.

In the collision, Navinbhai Fongolai, riding the scooter, was hit by the bus. During this incident, as the AMTS bus was coming down, its rear tire hit him again. As a result, he succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The negligent bus driver, in his haste, fled the scene after the accident. Following the incident, the Traffic Police Division has initiated further investigation against the AMTS bus driver.

Niyati Rao

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