AAP MLA Chaitar Vasava Faces Police for Assault on Forest Worker; Italia and Yuvraj Singh at Station

Dediyapada MLA Chaitar Vasava, who had been on the run for a month, appeared before the police today, one month and nine days after the case of threatening forest officials and firing. Chaitar Vasava, accompanied by AAP leader Yuvarajsingh Jadeja and a large number of supporters, presented himself at the Dediyapada Police Station today. During this time, there has been speculation about his surrender and the role of AAP leaders in the case.

Chaitar Vasava: Fighting for Justice Amidst Surrendering to the Border

“I have come to surrender. I urge everyone that I, along with my family, fight for justice for the tribal community, youth, educated individuals, and the oppressed. In these crucial times, I express my gratitude to not only the Aam Aadmi Party but also to all supporters of the Congress. I have confidence that justice will be served by the prevailing legal system of the country,” stated Chaitar Vasava upon surrendering to the Dediyapada Police Station.

BJP Accuses Chaitar Vasava of Using Deceptive Tactics to Win Elections in Gujarat

AAP leader Gopal Italia announced that Chaitar Vasava won the election in Gujarat as the youngest MLA, securing more than one lakh votes. Due to the victory of this young tribal candidate, the BJP accuses him of resorting to deceptive tactics, causing distress, breaking laws, and tarnishing their image. BJP claims that Chaitar Vasava and his family filed false complaints against them, even involving his wife in a fake case leading to her arrest.

Public Raises Questions, FIR Filed Against Chaitar Vasava Due to His Alleged Crimes

Gopal Italia further revealed that Chaitar Vasava’s alleged crime is such that he does not even settle in his constituency like the other 156 MLAs of the BJP but raises his finger, indicating disagreement. To counter these accusations, FIRs have been filed against him. Chaitar Vasava continues to appear before the police daily to face investigations. During this time, he remained at his Bogj village, waiting, as the land acquisition process was ongoing, preventing him from getting land.

Chaitar Vasava to Contest Lok Sabha Elections? Gopal Italia Responds

When asked if Chaitar Vasava would contest the Lok Sabha elections, Gopal Italia responded that although they did not contest this time, Chaitar Vasava should definitely contest in the coming Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized that a young, diligent person working for society at a young age should find a place in Parliament and expose corrupt BJP officials.

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