Tragic Collision: Soni Family’s Return from Somnath Dada’s Darshan Ends in Disaster, 3 Dead Including Two Brothers, 8 Injured

A tragic incident has unfolded on the Bhuj-Bhachau highway, resulting in the loss of three lives, including two brothers, and leaving eight others injured. The accident occurred at the scene where three individuals lost their lives, while the injured have been rushed to the hospital for urgent medical care.

Car Collides with Wall while Saving Dog on Bhuj-Bhachau Highway

According to recent reports, a heart-wrenching incident occurred on the Bhuj-Bhachau highway this morning at around 6 am. 

While returning from Darshan at the revered site of Dev-Somnath to Madhapar, the Soni family encountered an unexpected storm near Padhar, close to the bridge between Diu-Somnath and Madhapar. 

Amidst the chaos, as they attempted to rescue a stray dog on the roadside, their vehicle collided abruptly with the wall of the bridge.

Car Collides with Wall while Saving Dog on Bhuj-Bhachau Highway

Tragic Death of Three, Including Two Brothers, in Car Collision with Bridge Wall

In a devastating incident, three members of the Soni family from Madhapar met a tragic end due to severe injuries sustained in a car accident caused by the fierce storm colliding with the bridge wall. 

The incident resulted in a heart-rending loss of life for the trio, while eight others faced varying degrees of serious injuries. The injured have been swiftly transported to both government and private hospitals in Bhuj for urgent medical attention via 108 ambulance services. 

Initial investigations by the Padhar Police are underway based on preliminary information regarding the accident.

Injured Rushed to Hospital; Madhapar Village Mourns Loss

Following the accident, the severely injured individuals were promptly admitted to the hospital. Among those affected by the tragic incident were Dinesh Surendra Soni, Manoj Surendra Soni, and Dilip Hirji Soni, residents of the Dayalu Society in Madhapar village, who tragically lost their lives at the scene due to the severity of their injuries. 

Meanwhile, the remaining eight individuals suffered varying degrees of serious injuries. They have been transported to government and private hospitals via 108 ambulance services. The grieving community in Madhapar mourns the loss of their beloved members. 

Further updates indicate that after paying their respects, the family of the deceased are preparing to return home, having completed their pilgrimage to Somnath.

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