Harrowing Canal Tragedy: 2 Brothers and Maulana Drown, Youth Trying to Fill Water, Rescue Attempts Claim 2 More Lives

In a devastating turn of events, three Muslim youths met their untimely demise due to drowning in the irrigation canal of Panmadam in Panchmahals’ city taluka. The unfortunate incident occurred during the observance of Ramadan Eid, casting a pall of mourning over the festivities. 

Hailing from Kothamba village in Lunawada taluka, the victims included two brothers. As the community celebrated the joyous occasion of Eid, the atmosphere turned somber with the news of the tragic loss of these three young individuals.

Farhad Rafiq Patel (Age 30 years)

Tragic Incident: Youth Drowns in Panchmahal’s Canal While Attempting to Fill Water

In a distressing turn of events near Kothamba village in Lunawada taluka of Mahisagar district, Panchmahal, a group of friends, including Burhan Sheikh, had gathered to enjoy the scenic view of the Panmadam Canal. 

While one of them, attempting to fill water from the canal, slipped and fell into its deep waters. In a bid to rescue him, other youths also jumped into the canal, but tragically, all three Muslim youths drowned in the canal’s strong currents amidst the rescue attempt.

Nihal Rafique Patel (Age 23 years)

Immediate Action Taken: Investigation Commences to Halt Water Flow

Following the tragic incident of youths drowning in the Panmadam Canal, immediate efforts were undertaken to prevent further accidents. As bystanders rushed to the scene to rescue the drowning youths, it was realized that the canal’s water flow needed to be halted urgently. 

Utilizing available resources, authorities swiftly initiated measures to stop the water flow in the irrigation canal, facilitating the search and rescue operation for the missing youths.

Maulana Burhan Saeed Sheikh (Age 32 years)

Community Efforts Lead to Recovery of Bodies From Canal Tragedy

Following the harrowing incident of youths drowning one after another in the canal, the local villagers rallied together to aid in the recovery efforts. With their collective assistance, the bodies of the three deceased individuals, two of whom were brothers, were retrieved from the water. 

An atmosphere of mourning prevailed in Kothamba village.

Immediate action was taken by local authorities to ensure that the bodies were promptly transported to the hospital for post-mortem examinations. The solemn occasion coincided with Ramadan Eid, casting a pall of mourning over the entire Kothamba village. 

The palpable sorrow of the families added to the somber atmosphere, as the community came together to mourn the tragic loss.

List of the Deceased:

  1. Nihal Rafique Patel (age 23)
  2. Farhad Rafique Patel (age 30)
  3. Maulana Burhan Saeed Sheikh (age 32)

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