Doctor Turns Angel on Roadside: Dramatic Rescue on Highway as Bike-Activa Collision Averted, Nearby Doctor Immediately Saves Youth

In Patan, a city in Gujarat, an unexpected accident involving a bike and an Activa scooter has occurred. However, amidst this mishap, a doctor emerged as a guardian angel, swiftly providing assistance, preventing any fatalities. 

The entire incident has been captured on CCTV, showcasing the doctor’s timely intervention and selflessness in the face of adversity.

Collision on Patan’s Streets: Two Drivers Collide Unexpectedly

According to available information, a collision occurred between two drivers on the highway from Patan city’s Chanasma flyover to the other railway tracks. 

The accident involved a bike and an Activa scooter, both moving in opposite directions, resulting in a sudden impact, causing both drivers to collide on the road.

Doctor Rushes to Provide Immediate Assistance

Doctor Rushes to Provide Immediate Assistance

During this incident, several bystanders were present on the roadside, among whom was a brother who happened to be a doctor. He immediately rushed to provide assistance and managed to save the life of a young man who was critically injured. 

The dedication and hard work of the doctor, who tirelessly worked to save the young man’s life, earned him the heartfelt gratitude of everyone present, emphasizing the invaluable service rendered in times of crisis.

Insights from the CCTV Footage

Insights from the CCTV Footage: A Scene of Chaos and Compassion

The CCTV footage reveals a scene where several people are engaged in animated conversations on the roadside. Amidst this activity, a collision between a bike and an Activa scooter unfolds on the road. Both riders tumble down due to the impact, with bystanders rushing to their aid. 

Among them, one can spot a young man who becomes injured in the midst of the commotion. Notably, amidst the chaos, a doctor in red attire emerges, swiftly providing assistance and ultimately saving the injured youth’s life. This snapshot captures both the chaos of the accident and the compassion of individuals who step forward to help in times of need.

Significant Note: Traffic Congestion from Ambaji Nelia Affects Road Safety

It is notable that the traffic congestion stemming from the entire Ambaji Nelia area of Patan often leads to sporadic accidents on this road. 

Consequently, there is an urgent requirement to excavate the road for laying pipelines in the adjacent canal, highlighting the necessity for road widening measures to enhance safety.

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