Fatal Accident Caught on CCTV: Reckless Driver Runs Over Pedestrian in Rajkot Morning Walk, Escapes as Witnesses Shocked

This morning, a young driver lost control of his car on the main road near the Bhaktinagar Circle in Rajkot. The car veered off the road and crashed into a shop, injuring a young woman who was sitting on the shop’s steps. The severity of the incident prompted the attention of nearby CCTV cameras. After the accident, the driver fled the scene. The police are currently searching for the absconding driver. The injured woman was rushed to the hospital, where she received immediate medical attention. Fortunately, her injuries were not life-threatening. The incident caused a stir in the area, and normalcy was disrupted as authorities attended to the situation.

According to available information, on the Tri Shul Crossroads near the Bhaktinagar Circle in Rajkot City, a young driver (GJ 03 MH 4905) was driving a car at a high speed. While driving, the young driver suddenly turned the steering wheel towards the right side, causing the car to veer unexpectedly. As a result, around 50-year-old Nalinbhai Narotambhai Siddhapura was hit by a car and thrown approximately 15 feet during the morning walk. Subsequently, an 18-year-old student, Kumkum Maheshbhai Kanani, was also hit by the car as it reversed quickly near a shop at the crossroads.

The CCTV footage of this incident has also surfaced, which is quite shocking. From the footage, it can be seen that suddenly an approaching car veers to the right and pushes the Activa parked on the side of the road onto the road, knocking down a pedestrian in the process. Following this, instead of stopping the car, it moves forward and hits three girls walking towards the shop. Among them, one girl is abruptly caught in the car’s headlights and gets trapped between the car and the shop’s shutter. After the girl is hit, the car quickly reverses and speeds away from the scene.

The shopkeeper Kaushik Khunte informed us that this morning at 7:30 a.m., when the shop was opening, a car driver suddenly came speeding down Cooperative Main Road. An Activa parked in front of the shop was hit by the car and pushed towards the right side, knocking down a pedestrian who was about 15 feet away. The pedestrian suffered serious injuries to the head and had to be rushed to the Civil Hospital for treatment. The car driver also hit another young woman standing near the shop, causing her injuries as well. The driver fled the scene immediately after the accident occurred.

In this incident, seriously injured Nalinbhai Narotambhai Siddhapura has been admitted to the hospital. Nalinbhai Narotambhai Siddhapura resides in the Trishul Circle area. Both DCPI Zone-1 and Traffic DCPI officers reached the scene to handle the entire incident. Bhaktinagar Police is conducting investigations and has taken steps to apprehend the suspect.

Rajkot DCP Zone-1 Sajjankumar Singh has informed that there was a hit-and-run accident today on the Bhaktinagar Circle near Cooperative Main Road in the city. In this incident, Nalinbhai Narotambhai Siddhapura, who was seriously injured, succumbed to his injuries during treatment. Additionally, Kumkum Maheshbhai Kanani, a student of Gardi College, has also been admitted to the hospital for treatment related to the accident. The police are conducting investigations to quickly apprehend the driver involved in the accident based on the car’s registration number.

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