Dispute for Hanuman Chalisa: Vadodara Police Action Leads to 3 Detained, 7 Named, and 25 Accused in Stone-Pelting Incident

Yesterday, a stone-pelting incident occurred in the Marathi neighborhood of Ektanagar in Vadodara city. The altercation involved two groups, who clashed face-to-face over the closure of the Hanuman Chalisa. Following this incident, the Bapod police have registered a complaint against seven identified individuals and 25 others for their alleged involvement. Three individuals have been detained in connection with the incident.

Rioting Incident Reported in Ektanagar, Vadodara

Yesterday evening, there was a disturbance in the Marathi neighborhood near Ajwa Road in Vadodara city, where the Hanuman Chalisa recital was taking place. Amidst the chanting, some individuals allegedly requested others to lower their voices, leading to a heated argument. Subsequently, the situation escalated into stone-pelting

In response, the Bapod police have taken further action, noting the severity of the rioting incident. A complaint has been lodged against seven identified individuals and other groups involved. Three individuals were reportedly injured in the stone-pelting incident.

The injured were shifted to the hospital for treatment

Police Intervene in Immediate Response to the Incident

Upon receiving reports of the incident, the Bapod police swiftly reached the scene where the situation had escalated. High-ranking officials were also present, and a coordinated effort was made in conjunction with the Vadodara City Crime Branch teams. 

As of now, three individuals have been detained and taken into custody. Further investigations will ensue after more inquiries are conducted.

The police rushed and settled the matter

Tense Atmosphere Prevails Amidst Unrest

The recent incident of stone-pelting, which occurred during the evening hours, created an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty. Police teams swiftly arrived at the scene, bringing the situation under control and ensuring the safety of those affected. Injured individuals were promptly taken to the nearest hospital for medical attention. 

Both groups involved in the altercation dispersed, and senior police officials, along with representatives from various organizations, were present at the hospital. One of the three injured individuals has been transferred to a private hospital for further treatment. The Bapod police have registered a case under sections 143, 147, 149, 294 (b), and 323 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in connection with the incident.

The names of the seven accused individuals against whom complaints have been lodged are:

  1. Rahul Hussainmia Shaikh
  2. Ashif Hussainmia Shaikh
  3. Sejan aka Munno Ansari
  4. Son of Hussain Chunia
  5. Latif Bannumia Dhobi
  6. Harish Amrit Sarania
  7. Deepak Amrit Sarania

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