Gujarat ATS Provides Pistols to Track & Unravel Nusrat-Nafran’s 38-40 Visits to India: New Terror Plot Uncovered

Four terrorists who arrived at Ahmedabad Airport on the night of May 19, 2024, were swiftly apprehended by the Gujarat ATS. Subsequently, these four terrorists were presented in the Metro Court on May 20. The court approved a four-day remand for them. During the investigation conducted by the Gujarat ATS, a video was also found on the terrorists’ mobile phones in Tamil language. New revelations have emerged during the interrogation of Mohammad Nusrat, Mohammad Nafran, Mohammad Rasdin, and Mohammad Faris conducted by the Gujarat ATS.

Lack of Training but Proficiency in Handling Weapons

Initially, it was uncertain whether they had received training or not, but all four suspects were found proficient in handling firearms. When ATS officials provided pistols to all four suspects, each one loaded the magazine, unlocked, and even aimed at the targets. They seemed knowledgeable about weapons in every aspect. However, it was clear that they had not prepared any documents in English or Gujarati, so after reading translations from Google Translate, they agreed for representation by a government lawyer.

Uncertainty Surrounding Training

What were the intentions of the four terrorists who landed at the airport? This remains unconfirmed so far. However, it is certain that they were highly skilled with firearms. Each of them received training of various kinds, which is also evident. But the circumstances of their association with ISIS and where they received training remain unclear.

Nusrat and Nafran’s Frequent Visits to India

Gujarat ATS has disclosed that among these four terrorists, Nusrat and Nafran had visited India 38 to 40 times. Sunil Joshi, the DIG of ATS, stated that of the four terrorists apprehended at Ahmedabad Airport, two, namely Nusrat and Nafran, had visited India 38 to 40 times. Currently, investigations are underway using Proton Mail and Signal applications. Efforts are also being made to obtain their original numbers.

Involvement in Drug Trafficking

Sunil Joshi further revealed that the terrorist Nusrat was apprehended twice in gold smuggling cases at Mumbai Airport. Additionally, he has been involved in clashes and drug cases in Sri Lanka. Mohammed Faris has also been caught in a drug case in Sri Lanka. Nafran, previously involved in drug and gold smuggling, confessed during interrogation. Rasdin has been recorded for theft and drug offenses in Sri Lanka.

When Weapons Were Deployed

Currently, ATS has initiated investigations to identify the targets and locations where the weapons were obtained. Not only are they investigating the places where the weapons were deployed, but they are also scrutinizing the connections and toll tax records to track mobile data. A video pledging to carry out a suicide attack by these individuals is also under investigation.

Loaded Firearms in a Small Village

Three pistols were found loaded with 20 rounds each near a small village. Due to concerns about potential deployment of weapons in the area, the surroundings of where the weapons were found are being monitored by CCTVs.

Suspicions of Targeting Through Photos Found on Phones

During separate investigations into the mobile phones of terrorists, photos of different individuals were found, raising suspicions that all these individuals were either targets or associated with the terrorists. ATS teams have begun questioning the terrorists with the help of interpreters.

Connecting Phones to Chennai Airport Wi-Fi

The phones of terrorists have been traced to the Wi-Fi at Chennai Airport. Along with this, efforts have been made to recover the phone’s history. Chennai police have been informed to gather information about the colleagues present there.

Gathering Details of Detained Individuals in Hotels within 15 Days

The sleeper cells of all four terrorists, as well as the suspicion of their presence in Ahmedabad, and the number of hotels in the city, have led to the collection of information about how many people have been in all these hotels in the last 15 days, especially those who have arrived from other states or countries, by the ATS.

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