ATS Discovers Tamil Video of Terrorists Swearing Oath; Two Terrorists Visited India 8 Times

On the night of May 19, 2024, Gujarat ATS arrested four terrorists who had arrived at Ahmedabad airport from Sri Lanka via Chennai. The four terrorists were presented in Metro Court on May 20, where the court granted a four-day remand. ATS found a video in Tamil on the terrorists’ mobile phones, showing the four terrorists – Mohammad Nusrat, Mohammad Nafran, Mohammad Rasdeen, and Mohammad Faris – standing together, while their handler in Pakistan, Abu, who is associated with ISIS, was seen brainwashing them.

Different Training Provided Four Months Ago

Abu was responsible for introducing the four terrorists to each other. He brainwashed the four accused and provided them with different training four months ago. They were then supposed to come to Ahmedabad to complete their final task. In the video found on their mobile phones, the ISIS flag was visible. Mohammad Nusrat, Mohammad Nafran, Mohammad Rasdeen, and Mohammad Faris are seen pledging allegiance to Abu, calling him their leader. An investigation is also being conducted into the extent of their brainwashing. They became more active after the Hamas and Palestine conflict and were told that India and the USA were helping Israel. Four days before their arrival in Ahmedabad, weapons were placed near Nana Chiloda. CCTV footage from this area is also being examined.

Contacted Each Other Through Signal App

Out of the four terrorists, only two had phones, which were newly purchased. One phone had Proton email, and the other had the Signal application, through which they were in contact, waiting for Abu’s orders. They were instructed to first stay at a cheap hotel after landing at Ahmedabad airport and then go to the given location to retrieve weapons upon receiving new orders. The investigation revealed an important detail about how to find these weapon locations. Abu sent the four terrorists five to six photographs detailing where to turn, where to stand, and under which rock the weapons were hidden.

IB, RAW, and Sri Lankan Agency Also Involved in Investigation

Now, police from other states and central agencies are also seeking to interrogate the accused. Especially, the Sri Lankan agency has initiated a process to gather details about the accused by coming to Gujarat. Additionally, agencies like IB, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and NIA (National Investigation Agency) are involved in the investigation. Currently, police from six states and other agencies are waiting at the Gujarat ATS office to gather more details. Other state agencies are also expected to join Gujarat ATS in further investigation of the case.

Title: Terrorists in India for the Eighth Time

Two terrorists have arrived in India for the eighth time. Following this, Tamil Nadu police have also interrogated the suspects, obtaining crucial information. They have also informed Gujarat ATS about this. When Gujarat ATS was interrogating the suspects, they were facing difficulty as the suspects did not know any language, making it challenging to gather details. Therefore, they are conducting the interrogation with the help of six bilinguals. During the interrogation, the terrorists revealed that they came for textile business but were found to have international travel history and knowledge of English, which raised suspicions. It has now been revealed that sleeper cells of ISIS are active in Gujarat. Hence, local investigation has commenced. Out of the four terrorists, two have entered India for the eighth time.

Title: Last Part of Suicide Bomber Training

The last phase of the training of these four terrorists involves carrying out suicide attacks. Among these four, Mohammad Nusrat Sona is involved in diamond theft. While Mohammad Faris is involved in drug trafficking along with arms dealing. The third terrorist, Mohammad Rasheed, has five cases registered against him in Sri Lanka. Terrorist training has been ongoing since February for these four. After four months of training, they were sent to India to carry out suicide attacks. ATS has also learned that the last part of the training for these four is to conduct suicide attacks.

Title: FSL Released to Recover All Phone Histories

Gujarat ATS had apprehended the four terrorists, informing their families. These four terrorists used ProtonMail for emails, making it difficult to recover chat history. ATS has released Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) to recover all phone histories of the terrorists.

Title: Possibility of Targeting Photos Found on Terrorists’ Phones

Now, central agencies have also joined in the investigation of these terrorists. ATS has found photos of other people on the terrorists’ phones, indicating the possibility of targeting. Each suspect is being interrogated separately. It was found that the terrorists were communicating via ProtonMail in one phone and using Signal application for conversations on another. They had used Wi-Fi from Chennai Airport. Gujarat ATS has requested Wi-Fi data from both Chennai and Ahmedabad airports. A team from Tamil Nadu ATS has also reached Gujarat ATS, and police from other states have joined in this case.

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