Surat: Woman Drives Off with New Mercedes, Crashes Alongside Railings in 2 Seconds, CCTV Captures

On Dummas Road in Surat’s Pipald area, a new Mercedes car met with an accident on 13th May. A woman driving the car lost control of the steering due to strong gusts of wind and crashed into the railing of the BRTS route. The impact of the accident rendered the woman slightly injured. It is noteworthy that the accident might have occurred due to heavy winds blowing on the night of 13th May. The entire incident has been captured on CCTV, showing the car colliding with the railing. Despite the high speed of the car, it veered off after hitting the railing.

Airbag Saves Woman’s Life

In this incident, the police arrived first, and the female driver had already fled the scene. The car, registered under a name belonging to Gaurav Pathan, was being investigated. At the time of the accident, two men rushed towards the car and pulled the woman out, after which she made a call. It’s worth noting that the deployment of the airbag in the Mercedes car saved the woman’s life.

Significant Damage to the Front of the Car

On Monday night, after 10 o’clock, a heavy windstorm hit South Gujarat, including Surat city. Dust storms were blowing, reducing visibility due to flying debris. Near Iscon Mall in Pipald, a woman driving a new Mercedes worth 70 lakh was spreading out. During this time, visibility decreased significantly due to the heavy wind and dust.

Accident Caused by Reduced Visibility

Due to reduced visibility caused by dust storms on the road with the mini whirlwind, the woman lost control of the car, as she mentioned the loss of balance due to the imbalance of the car caused by steering. The car crashed into the railing of the BRTS, and due to the impact, the airbag opened, saving the woman’s life. Currently, the police are conducting further investigations.

Niyati Rao

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