CCC Scam Allegations: GTU Network Administrator Keyur Shah’s Karnataka University Degree Unverified, Despite 6-Month Probation Extension

Once again, controversy has arisen surrounding Keyur Shah, an official in the IT department at Gujarat Technological University (GTU). Shah had secured a job at GTU in 2022 as a network administrator based on the eligibility criteria of his MCA marksheets. 

However, during the probation period, GTU sent his marksheets to Karnataka University for verification, where they couldn’t be verified. Instead of initiating any action regarding the unverifiable marksheets, GTU has extended Shah’s probation period by six months.

Keyur Shah Assumes Responsibilities at GTU for 12 Years

Keyur Shah Assumes Responsibilities at GTU for 12 Years

For the past 12 years, Keyur Shah has been fulfilling duties under Gujarat Technological University (GTU). In the last 2 years, Shah has transitioned from the post of System Analyst to Network Administrator within GTU. 

Previously, he had served approximately 10 years as a System Analyst under GTU. Presently, Shah and his team have been serving GTU for an estimated period of 12 years.

GTU Extends Probation Period by 6 Months Due to Verification Issue

During the hiring process for the positions of Network Administrator and System Analyst, Keyur Shah submitted his MCA eligibility marksheets and degree certificate issued by Karnataka State Open University to GTU. 

However, GTU forwarded these documents, submitted by Shah for verification, back to Karnataka State Open University. Unfortunately, the verification process for Shah’s MCA marksheets and degree certificate proved to be unsuccessful. 

Consequently, GTU has extended Keyur Shah’s probationary period by an additional 6 months for the position of Network Administrator due to the inability to verify his MCA marksheets and degree certificate.


GTU Reissues Verification Request for Marksheets

GTU has once again initiated the process of verifying Keyur Shah’s marksheets. Instead of taking any action against him, GTU has opted to extend his probationary period by an additional 6 months. 

This decision comes after previous instances where Shah’s marksheets were not verified during his hiring process. Despite GTU’s effort to reverify the marksheets, if they remain unverified, questions may arise regarding the actions GTU will take against Keyur Shah as per regulations.

Allegations Arise Without Action from GTU

Keyur Shah has previously been embroiled in controversy over the CCC exam. During his tenure in the IT department, he faced allegations that, as the coordinator for CCC exams, he was provided with notifications of candidates’ online uploads by the previous coordinator. 

He then allegedly passed candidates who had failed after making amendments to their uploads. However, when these allegations were made, GTU did not take any action.

Keur Shah has been in controversy regarding the CCC exam before.

Keyur Shah: Email Received, but Confidential

Keyur Shah responded to inquiries regarding his degree by stating that he had received an email regarding the matter. However, due to confidentiality concerns, he was unable to disclose any further information. 

This response came after Divya Bhaskar questioned him about the issue surrounding his degree.

K.N. Kher: Probation Period Can’t Be Completed Without Marksheet Verification

K.N. Kher, the Registrar of GTU, stated that if Keyur Shah’s mark sheets were not verified by the time his probation period ended, they would have to extend it once again. 

He clarified that although Keyur Shah’s probationary period has been extended by 6 months, if the marksheets are not verified, his probation cannot be considered complete.

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