PM Modi Warns: Rahul May Flee Again, Even From Wayanad – Crisis Unfolding, Says Modi in Nanded, Maharashtra

Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted an election rally in Nanded, Maharashtra on Saturday afternoon, expressing gratitude to the voters who cast their ballots in the first phase. During the rally, PM Modi once again targeted the Congress and the NCP alliance, stating that the alliance is failing to find candidates. 

He remarked that Rahul Gandhi is facing a crisis in Wayanad. Just as they lost in Amethi, they will also have to face defeat in Wayanad.

PM Warns of Internal Discord Within the INC Alliance After June 4

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned that there will be discord among members of the INC alliance after June 4. He urged voters to give their mandate to the NDA based on their beliefs. 

Modi emphasized that the Congress has consistently obstructed the progress of the poor, Dalits, marginalized, laborers, and farmers. Even today, when the NDA government is working for the welfare of the poor, the Congress is mocking it.

Following the 6 pillars of Independence, we initiated a campaign to provide toilets to millions of poor women for the first time. At that time, the Congress and the INC alliance made fun of it.

PM’s Allegation: Farmers in Vidarbha Suffering Due to Congress Negligence

In Nanded, Prime Minister Modi also questioned whether they (the INC) would ever resolve your issues. He accused the Congress of neglecting Maharashtra and the Vidarbha-Marathwada region by engaging in political manipulation. 

Despite the adverse situation and water scarcity prevailing in this region, the Congress’ electoral campaigns have not alleviated the farmers’ plight. Due to Congress’ mismanagement, farmers have become vulnerable, leading to numerous young people having to relocate.

PM Modi Acknowledges Vidarbha’s Annadaan and Development

Vidarbha’s Annadaan, providing water to more than 80% of households, is now a global recognition. The Upper Ganga Project is in progress. Farmers have received 5 times more claims under crop insurance premiums. 

Nanded’s farmers have received over 1300 crore rupees from the Farmers’ Honor Fund. Our government has granted MSP to millets, which are called superfoods worldwide. Production is increasing in this sector.

Modi’s assurance contrasts with the Congress’ hollow promises. He guarantees that every grain provided by the Congress will be accounted for. Projects like Shaktipeeth Expressway and Prosperity Corridor connect global highways. Nanded Airport has resumed operations under the UDAN scheme. Thousands of poor have received pucca houses under PM Awas Yojana.

This is just a trailer. Often, our significant time has been spent filling the Congress’ potholes. In the next 5 years, we will propel Maharashtra and Vidarbha forward. The land of Nanded has been sanctified by the footsteps of Guru Govind Singh. His teachings continue to inspire our government.

PM Modi: Congress Still Igniting Sectarian Tensions

PM Modi mentioned that our government had the privilege to celebrate the 500th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. After the completion of the Kartarpur Corridor, thousands of devotees received assistance.

Langar has been made tax-free. When innocent lives were being lost in Afghanistan and attacks were happening on religious places, it was our government that took responsibility. Later, we brought the sacred form of the Guru Granth Sahib with great respect to India.

It is our government that brought the CAA for the persecuted victims of partition. If that didn’t happen, what would have happened to the brothers and sisters coming from Afghanistan? Congress is opposing even that. It seems like Congress is still igniting sectarian tensions even today by siding against Sikhs.

PM Modi’s Assertion: Abolishing Article 370 Marks Historic Change

Modi had assured that by revoking Article 370, Kashmir would attain freedom. Today, the annulment of Article 370 has made history. Triple talaq will be eradicated, and Muslim sisters have been liberated. Guarantees were made to remove the economy from the quagmire. Today, India boasts the 5th largest economy. The grand Ram Mandir is under construction in Ayodhya.

What are the opposition and those who belittle our heritage doing? They’re mocking the foundation of our culture. They’re attempting to banish the essence of worship. Are they worthy of forgiveness? Can they be pardoned for these actions?

Strengthening BJP for the Development of Maharashtra

Marathwada isn’t just a region; it’s India’s shield of protection. Through the ages, from the Mughals to the British, the bravery of the Marathas has proven that India stands strong. To ensure the development of Marathwada, we must lead from the forefront. By electing BJP candidates with resounding victories, we strengthen our resolve for progress.

Will you work with me? We must aim to break all previous voter turnout records in our booths. We should encourage even more people to vote. Moreover, we must ensure victory in every booth. Another task is to convey Modi’s best wishes to every household in Maharashtra.

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