Elon Musk Cancels India Tour Amid Speculation: Misses Meeting with PM Modi

Elon Musk’s visit to India, the owner of SpaceX and Tesla, is shrouded in mystery so far. According to media reports, it is not yet clear why this visit is happening. However, according to sources familiar with the matter, Musk will participate in a conference call in the United States on April 23 to address related questions with Tesla’s first-quarter performance. This situation may be one of the reasons.

Previously, there were reports that Elon Musk would visit India on April 21 and 22. During this time, Musk is expected to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. Additionally, Tesla’s CEO and his team will meet government officials and industry representatives.

Musk expressed eagerness to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating it on April 10 through a post shared on his social media platforms.

Modi and Musk have met twice before. Musk’s first meeting in India will coincide with this visit. Musk may also announce plans for Tesla’s manufacturing plant in India during this time. Modi and Musk have met twice before, once in California in 2015 at the Tesla factory and then in June 2023 in New York.

Musk is expected to announce plans to invest $2-3 billion in India, according to CNBC-TV18. Tesla not only aims to manufacture cars for the Indian market but also to leverage India for global exports.

In addition, Musk may also launch satellite-based broadband services in India soon. CNBC-TV18 reports that Starlink awaits regulatory approvals for its final stage and the company expects to receive licenses in the near future.

Musk remarked that India should have electric vehicles (EVs) like other countries. It has become necessary to introduce Tesla’s electric vehicles in India. Musk is visiting India at a time when elections are underway. Currently, the demand for EVs in American and Chinese markets has slowed down. Tesla is also facing competition from Chinese vehicles.

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