JSW MG unveils India’s first all-electric sports car ‘Cyberstar’, October debut

JSW MG Motor India unveiled the all-electric convertible roadster, ‘Cyberstar,’ on Wednesday. This marks India’s first all-electric sports car powered by two motors. The Cyberstar can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

Following the Cyberstar, MG Motor also showcased two more electric cars, MG 5 and MG 4, at an event held in Mumbai. MG 5 and MG 4 have been available in the European market and are expected to be launched in India with specifications in a short time.

Jindal said – The idea is to create Maruti Moment

Commenting on the unveiling of these three cars, Sajjan Jindal, Chairman of the JSW Group, said they aim to launch a new electric vehicle every 3-4 months. He said, “The idea is to create a Maruti Moment.”

Jindal said – Maruti had brought new cars at 90’s, now they have 50% market share. JSW can create Maruti Moment with MG. It is essential to focus on new energy vehicles to reduce dependence on oil imports.

Jindal said, “Making cars was my childhood passion, but I got involved in steel-related work. The idea of making cars with steelwork remained in my mind. When new electric vehicles came in 2016, I felt we should bring electric cars.”

The name of the new joint venture is JSW MG Motor India

MG Motor India and JSW Group have also announced the name of their joint venture today. The joint venture is named JSW MG Motor India. MG Motor is a company owned by Chinese car manufacturer SAIC Motor. JSW is an Indian conglomerate.

The first car in the joint venture will be launched in October

JSW Group owns a 35% stake in the Indian operations of the company. This joint venture will launch its first car during the festive season in October 2024. JSW Group will help MG Motor India to increase its capacity from one lakh vehicles annually to three lakh vehicles.

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