Girl Granted Bail with Travel Restriction; Lover Kills Woman, Hides Body in Suitcase to Fake Death for Marriage

In 2023, Raju and Radhika, lovers, intended to marry. However, due to societal constraints, a plan to murder the elderly ensued. Later, Raju, an 87-year-old living alone, committed the murder, attempting to hide the body in Radhika’s house. As society believed Radhika had died for the sake of marriage, Raju sought to show her alive. However, the police intervened, leading to a confrontation. Radhika filed a petition through advocate Dilip Joshi in the High Court. The case was pending in the court of M.R. Mengade. The court noted that the investigation in this case was completed, and the chargesheet had been filed. Raju, the lover of the deceased, had pressured and killed the elderly. As a result, the High Court granted Radhika bail on conditions such as not leaving India, submitting her passport, among others.

Mystery Unfolds in the Investigation

In the ongoing investigation, the police discovered crucial details. On November 4, 2023, suspects unknown to society allegedly broke into the elderly’s house and placed the corpse in a suitcase dyed in red. This suitcase was then placed in a nearby commercial complex. With the progressing investigation, the police received crucial information.

Elderly Living Alone

Living a solitary life in the village, the 66-year-old had three sons and six daughters, making a total of nine children. Her husband passed away in 1978, leaving her to raise the children alone. While three of her children lived in Mumbai, she resided in Bhachau. Her care was shouldered by her two sons, who kept regular contact with her. They used to visit her during Navaratri, and she would eagerly await news from them, sometimes receiving phone calls.

Report of the Elderly’s Disappearance

On November 3, 2023, the elderly’s son, residing in Mumbai, reported to the police that their house was open, but the elderly was missing. Despite thorough searches, the son couldn’t find her. Consequently, he filed a complaint with the police about his mother’s disappearance. With no trace of the elderly and the family traveling from Mumbai to Bhachau to find out more, they were kept waiting in the guest house due to lack of information.

Corpse Found in Suitcase

In the night, the elderly’s son, fearing the worst, received a call from the police and rushed to the nearby complex. There, under torchlight, they found a suitcase containing the lifeless body. Upon opening it, they discovered a corpse wrapped in a blanket. Through the clothes on the body, they identified it as the mother of the complainant. According to the complaint, on November 3, 2023, the murderers killed her and transported the body to the complex, placing it in a suitcase and dyeing it red, then left it there.

Raju and Radhika Taken into Custody by Police

Police swiftly apprehended Raju and Radhika after conducting a thorough investigation in this direction. Both were swiftly detained under sections 34 and 120B of the IPC. Radhika was granted bail by the court. It was stated on her behalf that she was not guilty of any wrongdoing. The investigating officer could not provide any evidence against her nor had she committed any offense before, hence she was entitled to bail.

Attempt to Conceal Radhika’s Corpse in the Elderly’s Corpse

The government prosecutor informed the court about the seriousness of the charges against the accused under Section 302 of the IPC. Both accused were in love with each other and wanted to marry, but societal norms prevented them from doing so. Therefore, they devised a plan where Radhika’s lover, if proven deceased, could marry her easily. According to this plan, they decided to murder her and attempted to conceal her body in the coffin of the deceased elderly lady. Radhika is actively involved in this case. After committing the murder, Raju’s father placed the corpse in his shop’s storeroom.

The Trust of the Elderly Falters when Left Alone

Although the accused was granted bail by the high court, the court noted the previous rejection of Radhika’s bail application, emphasizing the need to consider the impact on society by granting bail to the accused. Radhika remains in constant contact with her lover. This case is a cause for concern in society. If Radhika is granted bail, the trust of the elderly left alone would falter.

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