BSC and BBA Graduates Transform Chain Snatching: Surat to Vadodara Railway Route Targeted, Enjoy Goa Trip with Stolen Cash

Two individuals who had fled on a bike after snatching three gold chains from the necks of elderly individuals in Vadodara’s Sama area were caught. The son of one of the victims filed a complaint at the Sama police station. With the help of CCTV footage, the accused were swiftly apprehended by the Vadodara Crime Branch, leading to the recovery of three gold chains weighing 5 tolas, two bikes, and two mobile phones from the perpetrators. The total worth of the stolen items amounted to Rs. 3.67 lakhs.

Surprise from Robberies Across Gujarat

Robberies astonished the entire state of Gujarat. The accused had targeted one police station in Akota, three in the Sama area, and one in Panigate. Four incidents involved chain snatching. When one theft occurred at the Panigate police station’s jurisdiction, a bike theft was reported from the Oman Society. Vadodara Police successfully solved five times more cases. Accused Vaibhav Jadav was previously apprehended in separate incidents across Rajkot, Junagadh, Gir Somnath, and Surat, totaling 15 arrests for chain snatching, vehicle theft, and prohibition violations.

Mode of Operation of the Accused

Accused Vaibhav Jadav, a BSC student, and accused Bhavin Chandpa, a BBA student, were college roommates in Junagadh. They developed a strong friendship and, having not completed their studies, met in 2014 after Vaibhav’s bike theft in Rajkot. Together, they surprised everyone by snatching gold chains from women’s necks in Junagadh, Veraval, and Keshod, earning a total of nine surprises. Subsequently, Vaibhav Jadav continued such activities in Rajkot and Surat, earning more surprises. Due to their criminal behavior, they were even pursued by the police.

Chasing Pleasures with Stolen Money in Goa

Recently, both accused, now fugitives, stayed in a dormitory in Surat, then traveled to Vadodara by train approximately eight months ago. Following a bike theft and the first three tolas of gold chain snatching from Sama, they continued their journey to Goa to enjoy themselves. As the money ran out, around 12-13 days before the completion of their funds, they snatched another chain from a bike theft victim in Vadodara’s Sama area. As they were attempting to exchange the stolen money, they were observed acting suspiciously, planning to commit more chain snatching crimes on bikes. After committing crimes, they returned to Surat by train, again raising suspicion.

Apprehended Accused

Vaibhav Babulal Jadav (age 29), (resident of Dhrabavada, Ta. Matiyana Hatina, Junagadh)
Bhavin Mansukh Chandpa (resident of Hasnavadar, Ta. Veraval, Dist. Gir-Somnath)

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