Panchmahal Crime Branch Arrests Fugitive after 25 Years: Top Ten Accused Apprehended

In a commendable achievement, the Panchmahal district Law and Crime Branch (LCB) police have successfully apprehended a long-standing fugitive who had been on the run for the past 25 years. The wanted individual was implicated in a total of six crimes under the Arms Act, and the arrest was made following a targeted operation conducted in the jurisdictions of Morwa (H) and Shehra police stations.

Strategic Measures Employed by Panchmahal Law Enforcement Authorities in Apprehending a Fugitive

Under the strategic direction of Deputy Inspector General of Police R.V. Asari Nao, and Superintendent of Police Himanshu Solanki Nao, the Panchmahal Godhra Range has demonstrated proactive efforts to address the longstanding issue of a fugitive wanted for multiple offenses. This initiative was undertaken in collaboration with the guidance and instructions provided by Police Inspector N.L. Desai of the Local Crime Branch (LCB). Notably, the L.C.B. Gogharanao and its dedicated staff officers played a pivotal role in implementing a targeted plan to apprehend the absconding wanted accused.

Private Informer Intelligence Leads to Apprehension of Wanted Accused in Godhra

In a significant development, Shaileshbhai Bachubhai, Assistant Police Officer (A.P.O.) of the Local Crime Branch (L.C.B.) in Godhra, received crucial information from a private informer that contributed to the apprehension of Maheshbhai Keshubhai, also known as Kelabhai Charel. The accused, with a residence in Charel Phaliyan Balwasa, Date Thandla District, Meghnagar, Madhya Pradesh, was wanted for various crimes reported in the jurisdictions of Shehra and Morwa Hadaf Police Stations.

Coordinated Operation Results in the Apprehension of Wanted Accused Near Santrod Overbridge

Upon receiving actionable intelligence, Police Sub Inspector S.R. Sharma, in coordination with the L.C.B. Godhra team, initiated a well-planned operation near Santrod Overbridge. The collaborative effort involved the strategic placement of a private watch, ensuring a discreet and effective surveillance approach.

The operation yielded success as Maheshbhai Keshubhai, also known as Kelabhai Charel, was successfully apprehended by the law enforcement team near the designated location. Subsequently, the accused was promptly handed over to the Morwa (H) Police Station for further legal proceedings.

The apprehension of the accused marked a crucial step in addressing the pending criminal cases against Maheshbhai Keshubhai. Following the arrest, appropriate legal actions were initiated to ensure that the accused would face the consequences of the alleged offenses.

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