Dire Situation: Udhna Railway Station Overwhelmed by UP-Bihar Travelers, Announcement of Immediate Commencement of New 6 Trains

Today, thousands of travelers from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar were seen at Surat’s Udhna Railway Station. Amidst the vacation season, the station was inundated with passengers heading to their hometowns in UP, Bihar, and other states. Platforms were crowded with 3-4 times more passengers than the capacity of a single train.

The railway station experienced a chaotic rush, prompting authorities to take measures to ensure the well-being of passengers. C.R. Patil, Member of Parliament, urged the Central Railway Minister to immediately introduce six new trains to alleviate the situation. Accepting the urgency, the Central Minister agreed to the proposal of introducing six new trains to address the escalating demands at the station.

Crowd of passengers at Udhana railway station

Announcement of Commencing 6 Additional Trains

The situation at the Udhna Railway Station had become chaotic, prompting C.R. Patil, the state president of the BJP and the Lok Sabha candidate from Navsari, to express concern. He noted that the rush of passengers had escalated due to the increasing heat, leading to discomfort among many travelers. 

Immediate arrangements were made at the railway station to ensure the well-being of passengers. Taking cognizance of the situation, Central Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw was informed about the urgency to commence six additional trains. 

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Railway Minister had previously allocated six trains, but the announcement of six more trains has been made to further address the issue. This move aims to provide some relief to travelers amidst the challenging circumstances.

Crowd of pilgrims on railway station campus and platform

Overcrowding at Udhna Railway Station

It is noteworthy that Udhna Railway Station is experiencing a significant influx of passengers, particularly those traveling to Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar. They gather here to board trains heading towards their native places. During the vacation season, travelers were leaving for their homes with children and family members. 

However, the situation deteriorated to the extent that even though a train could accommodate a certain number of passengers, a much larger crowd arrived. The situation became so dire that thousands of passengers were seen on the platforms and around the station premises with their luggage. 

Arrangements were also made for the treatment of some passengers as their health deteriorated

Despite the addition of six new trains to cater to the increased demand for travel to UP and Bihar, today’s situation was exceptionally alarming. Announcements have been made regarding the commencement of these additional trains to alleviate the overcrowding issue.

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