Manipur Violence: 2 Deaths in Firing, Allegedly Targeting Kuki Community; First Incident Post Lok Sabha Election Announcement

Violence has persisted in Manipur for the past 11 months (since May of last year), with yet another tragic incident occurring on Saturday (April 13), resulting in the loss of two lives. The clash took place between two armed groups in the Moirangpurel area, situated between Imphal East and Kangpokpi districts.

Both casualties are reported to be members of the Kuki community, identified as Kaminlal Lufeng (23) and Kamlengsat Lunkim (22), both residents of Kangpokpi district.

While preparations are underway for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, incidents of gunfire have been reported in various areas of Manipur over the past two days.

In the wake of these events, security forces have been deployed across the affected regions to restore order. Military personnel are conducting search operations in the areas. Additional security forces have been deployed in Manipur due to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, aiming to ensure heightened security across the state.

Shots were fired after encounters in Kuki and Maitei in Moirangpurel area

Home Minister Amit Shah’s Meeting on April 15

Home Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to meet with officials in Manipur on April 15. This meeting comes amidst heightened tension in the region due to recent incidents of violence. 

Meanwhile, on April 19, the first phase of polling for both the inner and outer Manipur Lok Sabha constituencies is set to take place. The central government has also deployed additional security forces. Despite these measures, incidents of violence continue to occur.

Shots were fired after encounters in Kuki and Maitei in Moirangpurel area

CoTU Declares 24-Hour Shutdown in Protest Against Killing of Two Kuki Community Members

In response to the killing of two individuals from the Kuki community, the Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU) has announced a complete 24-hour shutdown in Kangpokpi district from midnight on April 13 to midnight on April 14. CoTU alleges that on April 12, members of the Kuki community were murdered by individuals from another community in Shantipur.

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