Manipur Tensions Escalate After Tragic Student Killings: Foreign Minister Jaishankar Addresses Ongoing Efforts for Resolution; CBI Launches Imphal Investigation

In Manipur, today CBI will investigate the killing of 2 students. This information has been provided by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. He stated that the central and state governments are working together on this matter. The culprits will not be spared, and all accused will be apprehended.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, during discussions at the Foreign Relations Council in New York, mentioned that the situation in Manipur is adversely affecting the status of migrants there. Tensions have a long history here. The state and central governments are making efforts to normalize the situation.

Recent Incidents in Manipur.

September 23rd: After the lifting of the mobile internet ban on September 23rd in the state, photographs of the deceased bodies of two students surfaced on social media. Both bodies are seen lying on the ground, with the boy’s head showing signs of injury. Until now, no bodies of the deceased had been found. In July, both students were captured on a CCTV camera inside a shop, but their whereabouts remained unknown.

September 26th: On Tuesday, September 26th, clashes occurred between security forces and students in the city of Imphal. This resulted in 54 students and one teacher getting injured. The students had been protesting against the killings of two missing students since July. All the injured have been admitted to nearby hospitals. The state government has once again imposed a mobile internet ban for the next 5 days.

These Two Pictures are Related to the Incident.

First Picture – In this image, two students, 17-year-old Hizam Linthoingam and 20-year-old Phizam Hemjit, can be seen sitting. In the picture, the student is wearing a white T-shirt, while Hemjit is in a checkered shirt. Behind them, two armed young men are also visible.

Second Picture – In this image, the lifeless bodies of both students are seen lying in a field. It is still unclear in which area of Manipur this photo was taken. The police and investigative agencies are making efforts to identify and locate the bodies.

The Manipur government has stated that the CBI is investigating the case. According to sources from the Chief Minister’s office, it has been conveyed that the government intends to take stern action against those found guilty. Currently, the CBI is conducting an investigation into this case. Security forces have also initiated search operations to apprehend the culprits. The public is urged to maintain calm and allow the investigative agencies to do their work.

At the same time, on September 27th and 29th, the state government has issued orders to keep all government and non-government schools closed.

In addition, 24 lawmakers have sent a letter to Prime Minister Amit Shah, appealing to him to instruct the CBI to arrest the prime suspects in the killings of both students.

Priyanka Gandhi said – The Center should be ashamed of its failure Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that the violence in Manipur has affected the most innocent children. It is our duty to ensure their safety. In Manipur, where such incidents are happening, words are not enough, and the situation needs to be addressed without any hindrance. The government should feel ashamed of its failure.

On July 19th, a video of disrobing women went viral on social media. On May 4th, in the Thoubal district, two women were disrobed by some individuals, and a video of the incident went viral on July 19th. In the video, it can be seen that some people subjected them to indecent acts.

The husband of one of the victims said, ‘Thousands of people witnessed the violence in the village. I couldn’t save my wife and the villagers from the mob. Even the police did not provide us with security. The mob tortured us for three hours. My wife took refuge in a nearby village, hiding herself in fear.

At the same time, in the video, another woman’s mother said, ‘Now, we can never go back to our village. My grandson was shot, and my daughter was subjected to torture. Everything has ended for me now.

In Manipur, 175 deaths and over 1,100 injuries have been reported so far in the ongoing violence that has persisted for the past four months. Additionally, 5,172 cases have been registered, including the vandalization of 4,786 homes and 386 religious sites.

Following the violence, more than 65,000 people have abandoned their homes. Approximately 5,000 relief camps have been set up, and 6,000 cases have been registered, with 144 arrests made. The state has deployed 36,000 security personnel and 40 IPS officers to restore order. A total of 129 posts have been created in both hill and valley districts.

The special NIA court in Manipur granted bail to five accused on September 22, replacing their uniforms with modern attire and taking custody. The accused were released on a bond of INR 50,000 each, with conditions to appear in court every 15 days.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested a suspected terrorist from Manipur. NIA officials provided this information on Saturday, September 23rd. They claim that the accused is a member of a militant group based in Myanmar, which has been involved in using ethnic violence in Manipur for conducting anti-India activities.

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