Ganesh Visarjan 2023: Culmination of 10-Day Ganesh Chaturthi Festivities – Muhurat Details

Ganesh Chaturthi, a revered Hindu festival commemorating the birth of Lord Ganesha, is set to culminate on September 28, 2023, with the traditional Ganesh Visarjan, where devotees bid farewell to Lord Ganesha by immersing his idol in water. This poignant act is performed with the belief that Lord Ganesha will return to bless their homes the following year.

Ganeshotsav, the joyous celebration of Lord Ganesha’s arrival, is observed with immense fervor in various states across India. This vibrant festival involves the installation of Ganesha idols in homes and public spaces, with devotees performing Visarjan ceremonies after 1.5, 3, 5, or 7 days. However, it is the final day of the festival that carries profound significance, as it symbolizes Lord Ganesha’s return to his heavenly abode.

Rituals of Ganesh Visarjan: A Sacred Farewell

Ganesh Visarjan, the ritual of immersing Lord Ganesha’s idol, is a poignant and spiritually significant part of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

1. Early Morning Aarti:

The auspicious day of Ganesh Visarjan commences with an early morning aarti, a devotional prayer, led by family members, relatives, and friends. This ritual serves as a heartfelt invocation to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings and guidance for the day ahead.

2. Offerings to Lord Ganesha:

Devotees express their reverence by presenting offerings to Lord Ganesha. These offerings include modak (a favored sweet delicacy of Lord Ganesha), fruits, flowers, and various delectable edibles. Each offering symbolizes deep devotion and respect.

3. Preparing the Idol for Visarjan:

The beloved idol of Lord Ganesha, which has been the centerpiece of devotion during the festival, is meticulously prepared for its journey of immersion. Fresh garlands and ornaments are lovingly adorned on the idol, signifying the affection and adoration of the devotees.

4. Immersion Procession:

The pinnacle of Ganesh Visarjan is the grand procession that accompanies the idol to the immersion venue. The atmosphere brims with jubilation as devotees partake in the procession, characterized by celebration, dance, music, and palpable excitement. Traditional instruments, such as dhol (drums) and tasha (cymbals), contribute to the vibrant ambiance.

5. Seeking Blessings:

Before bidding their farewell, devotees perform a touching ritual of seeking blessings. Akshat (rice grains coated in turmeric) and dahi (yogurt) are tenderly applied to Lord Ganesha’s hands, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness.

6. House Blessing:

Lord Ganesha is taken to every corner of the house, bestowing good luck and grace upon the dwelling. This ritual symbolizes the desire for divine protection and benevolence in the household.

7. Preparing a Meal for Lord Ganesha:

A red cloth is reverently tied around Lord Ganesha’s idol, enclosing offerings of coconut, jaggery, and grains. This meal is believed to sustain Lord Ganesha during his journey back to his heavenly abode.

8. Sprinkling Holy Water:

Water is sprinkled upon the person performing the puja as a symbol of purification and spiritual sanctity for the Ganapati Visarjan ritual.

9. Farewell Offering:

As the devotees leave their homes for the Visarjan, they offer a coconut to Ganpati Bappa and break it in one swift motion. This coconut is then immersed alongside Lord Ganesha, signifying their collective journey and the ultimate act of farewell.

Auspicious Timings for Ganesha Visarjan 2023

Ganesh Visarjan, the culminating ritual of Ganesh Chaturthi, holds immense significance in Hindu culture. It is believed that performing this sacred act during auspicious muhurat timings enhances the blessings of Lord Ganesha. In 2023, here are the auspicious timings for Ganesh Visarjan:

Morning Muhurat (Shubha): 06:12 AM to 07:42 AM

The early hours of the day, marked by the Shubha muhurat, offer a serene and spiritually charged environment for devotees to perform the Visarjan ceremony. It is a time of purity and devotion.

Morning Muhurat (Chara, Labha, Amrita): 10:42 AM to 03:11 PM

This extended morning muhurat offers flexibility for those who prefer a more relaxed and elaborate Visarjan ceremony. It encompasses several auspicious phases, including Chara, Labha, and Amrita, providing a broad window of opportunity.

Afternoon Muhurat (Shubha): 04:41 PM to 06:11 PM

The late afternoon Shubha muhurat is ideal for those who seek a slightly later timing for Ganesh Visarjan. It is a period that continues to resonate with positive spiritual energy.

Evening Muhurat (Amrita, Chara): 06:11 PM to 09:11 PM

As the day progresses into evening, the Amrita and Chara muhurats signify an auspicious transition. This timing is well-suited for devotees looking for an early evening Visarjan.

Night Muhurat (Labha): 12:12 AM to 01:42 AM, September 29

For those who prefer a tranquil nighttime ritual, the Labha muhurat provides an opportunity for a peaceful and introspective Ganesh Visarjan.

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