Iraq Wedding Hall Fire: 100 Dead, Over 150 Injured in Tragic Firework Explosion

On Wednesday, a fire broke out in a wedding hall in Iraq, resulting in the tragic loss of 100 lives. Over 150 people have also been injured in this unfortunate incident. Shockingly, even the bride and groom were affected by this unexpected disaster.

An official has stated that the fire occurred in the Ninewa Governorate of Iraq. The exact cause of the fire is not yet known. However, some media reports suggest that the fire may have been caused by fireworks following the wedding celebration. At the time of the fire, approximately 1,000 people were present at the wedding hall.

Rescue Team Arrives at the Incident Scene

The rescue team has reached the site of the incident. Along with essential information about the fire, several fire brigades and ambulance vehicles have also arrived at the scene. They are currently working to extricate individuals who were trapped in the incident. The wedding hall appears to be in complete disarray at the moment. The rescue team is diligently removing the bodies from the site.

Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, has directed officials to provide immediate assistance to the affected individuals. Additionally, orders have been issued to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

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July 2021: Fire in COVID Hospital Claims 58 Lives

On July 13, 2021, a tragic incident unfolded in the southern city of Nasiriyah, Iraq, at the Al-Hussein COVID Hospital. A fire erupted, resulting in the loss of 58 lives, including 2 healthcare workers, and leaving more than 100 people injured. The initial investigation indicates that the fire broke out due to an explosion of oxygen tanks in the COVID ward. Efforts are underway to ascertain the exact cause of the blaze.

The deceased were laid to rest in Najaf, Iraq, following this sudden and devastating event. In response to the incident, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi convened a meeting with senior ministers, during which the security manager of Nasiriyah Hospital was suspended and detained pending further inquiry.

April 2021: Fire in COVID Hospital Claims 82 Lives

In April 2021, a tragic incident occurred in Baghdad, Iraq, at a COVID hospital where 82 lives were lost in a fire. Over 100 people sustained serious injuries in this unexpected event. Hospital management reported that a sudden short circuit occurred, leading to the outbreak of the fire. The fire, which was exacerbated by nearby oxygen tanks, rapidly spread throughout the entire hospital.

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