Black Stone Spa Raided by Police in Kudasan, Gandhinagar

The Gandhinagar Infocity Police raided the Welcome Rainforest 2 complex in Kudasan and found discrepancies in customer records and transactions being conducted without GST numbers. As a result, the manager faces legal action and a public notice has been issued against them for violating regulations.

Infocity Police Patrolling Exposes Unauthorized Activities

During patrolling by the Infocity Police, it was discovered that the Welcome Rainforest 2 complex in Kudasan was involved in unauthorized activities. Customers’ details and GST numbers were not being recorded as required, prompting the police to take action based on factual evidence.

Manager Poses as Employee: Unregistered Entity Detected

A person posing as an employee named Bhavesh Babubhai Rathod was found during inspection. Upon inquiry, it was revealed that he was working as a manager at the location. However, police verification did not find any customer records or GST numbers registered under his management.

Legal Action Initiated Against Bhavesh Rathod

Following this, the police took legal action against Bhavesh Rathod, alleging his involvement in unauthorized activities. It is noteworthy that the police have provided instructions to the management of billiard shops in Gandhinagar to maintain a register of customer details, but many establishments are not complying with this directive. Similarly, hotels and guesthouses are also found to be neglecting to record customer details, including vehicle and mobile numbers, leading to a violation of regulations. As a result, the police have started rigorous inspections in all spas, hotels, and guesthouses.

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