Tragedy at Surat Railway Station: One Passenger Dies, Five Collapse Amid Rush to Board Train

For the last two days, Surat railway station has been witnessing a significant increase in the number of passengers boarding overcrowded trains, causing chaotic scenes. Today, five people were injured due to overcrowding, and among them, one person died. Surat-based Cabinet Minister Harsh Sanghavi expressed his concern about the situation and urged that the police are making rigorous efforts to control the crowds at Surat and Udhna railway stations.

There have been cases of more passengers boarding train coaches than the prescribed limit, leading to severe overcrowding. The police are now implementing stricter measures to manage the situation. Minister Harsh Sanghavi is personally involved in addressing the issue and is at Surat Railway Station to oversee the situation. Due to the overcrowding at Surat and Udhna railway stations, five passengers had to be hospitalized.

The police have intensified their efforts to control the crowds and maintain order. Harsh Sanghavi is currently in Surat to complete his schedule, and he has issued orders to address the overcrowding issue.

Over the last two days, Surat Railway Station has experienced a significant increase in overcrowding as people travel to their hometowns for Diwali and Chhath Puja. The platforms at the station have been overwhelmed with passengers waiting for trains. The situation has become quite chaotic, with three to four times the usual number of people crowding the platforms. Today, there was a rush to board the trains, leading to a chaotic and crowded environment on the platforms.

A heavy rush of passengers has been witnessed at Surat Railway Station, leading to chaotic and overcrowded platforms. Passengers attempting to board trains have been tightly packed, leading to pushing and shoving. The crowded conditions at the station resulted in four people falling onto the tracks, and they were subsequently provided medical assistance by the Railway Police. One of them was taken to the Smimer Hospital through 108 emergency services, and their condition was reported to be serious.

A tragic incident occurred where Ankit Birjendra Singh, a youth, lost his life while traveling on a train in Bihar. During the journey, a heavy rush of passengers led to a chaotic situation, and two women, along with two other individuals, were pushed or fell onto the tracks. Among those involved in this incident, Sujeeya Ramprakash Singh and Ramprakash Singh are currently receiving medical care at the hospital. Ramprakash Singh is the brother of the deceased Ankit Birjendra Singh. The incident occurred while Sujeeya Bai was traveling on the train, and the circumstances surrounding it have caused this unfortunate situation.

A chaotic situation unfolded as a large number of passengers tried to board a train, overcrowding the sleeper coach. The cramped conditions made it difficult for several passengers, with some experiencing breathing difficulties, and in the process, four to five passengers were pushed or fell onto the tracks. Additionally, passengers’ luggage was also scattered during the rush, and the situation led to a tragic incident involving child passengers.

Passengers faced not only difficulties in boarding but also in obtaining meals during this chaotic situation. With the train’s amenities running short, passengers may encounter challenges in getting food during the 24 to 30 hours of travel ahead. Despite efforts by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and railway police to control the crowd, the situation remains challenging.

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