Drug Nexus Unearthed in Surat District: 13 Individuals Operating Small Dens in Sky Hotel, Seized 96.18 Grams of Mephedrone Worth Rs 9.81 Lakh

Drug Raid by SOG in Surat District Leads to Methadrone Seizure

In an extensive operation, the Surat district Special Operations Group (SOG) has successfully uncovered and seized a drug named Methadrone in the expansive area of Kamrej. The action took place in 13 rooms of Sky Hotel, located near Kamrej Toll Plaza. Police arrested three individuals, including one suspect wanted in Surat city under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. The suspects had been operating clandestine drug dealings, producing drugs in rented rooms for the past eight months. The police confiscated 96.18 grams of Methadrone worth Rs. 9.81 lakh.

Entry of Drugs After Alcohol in Surat District

The Surat district now faces the entry of drugs after alcohol. Last night, the Surat district SOG team targeted the rooms of Sky Hotel, situated near the Kamrej Toll Plaza, based on intelligence. In this operation, the police encountered Vasim alias Vasim Nippal and Vishal Panpatil. During the room search, they discovered 96.18 grams of Methadrone with an estimated value of Rs. 9.81 lakh.

Hotel Rooms Rented for Drug Dealing in Surat

In a recent police operation, individuals have been apprehended for renting rooms at Sky Hotel in Surat for drug-related activities. The suspects, including the hotel owner Mayurdan Gadhvi, were caught in the act. Ishak alias Lalu Shekh, a resident of Randher in Surat city, was apprehended for bringing drugs from an undisclosed location. Both Ishak and the hotel manager, Shailesh Mangukiya, have been declared as wanted by the police.

Hotel Manager’s Involvement in Drug Dealing

Shailesh Mangukiya, the hotel manager, has allegedly been aiding and abetting Vasim and Vishal, the accused, by providing them with two hotel rooms for a monthly rent of Rs. 25,000. Apart from managing the hotel, Mangukiya is also accused of assisting in drug transactions. Vasim and Vishal were involved in the production and sale of drugs, with police seizing 96.18 grams of Methadrone valued at Rs. 9.81 lakhs.

During the investigation, the police discovered 57 Jetla mobile phones from the crime scene. The seized items include M.D. drugs, 57 mobile phones, three weighing scales, a laptop, and a car. The total value of the seized items is Rs. 15.98 lakhs. The accused Vasim has a history of criminal activities and has been booked for various offenses.

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