Rs 5 Crore Worth of Drugs Seized in Nashik; Factory Launched in Rented Godown

Mumbai Police, in collaboration with Nashik Police, conducted extensive drug raids in the religious city of Nashik, uncovering drug factories worth over 300 crores. Following this, Nashik Police, within two days, seized more than 5 crores worth of MDMA drugs and raw materials, leading to the exposure of multiple drug manufacturing operations involving three criminals.

In August, the police apprehended an individual in Sakinaaka’s vicinity with 10 grams of MDMA drugs. Further investigations revealed a network extending from Mumbai to Dongri, Bhiwandi, and Hyderabad, ultimately leading to a drug production facility in the rural village of Shinde. Among the arrested individuals, one was Sanjay Kale, who rented a warehouse to start the drug production facility.

Mumbai Police, on Friday, seized literature and materials related to drug manufacturing worth crores from a clandestine laboratory in Garoda. Following this, Nashik Police initiated investigations into rented companies, warehouses, and records, ultimately leading to the arrest of a woman caught with drugs in Vadala village on Thursday night. Within two days, raids were conducted at two more locations, resulting in the seizure of 4.78 kilograms of MDMA drugs and other items, totaling over 5 crores 86 lakhs. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Monika Rawat, confirmed these developments. The drug racket also involves individuals with aliases such as Kamble, Sanjay Kale, and Shinde, who are currently under investigation, as stated by her.

Niyati Rao

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