Haryana School Bus Accident: 6 Children Dead, Overturning While Attempting Overtake; 15+ Injured; Schools Operational Even on Eid

In a tragic incident this Thursday morning in Mahendragarh, Haryana, a privately-owned school bus overturned, resulting in the loss of lives of 5-6 children and injuring 15 others. The injured were promptly admitted to nearby hospitals for urgent medical care. Police and administrative authorities have also reached the accident site to investigate the incident. The cause of the accident is believed to be an attempt to overtake.

The incident occurred near the outskirts of Mahendragarh city involving the G.L. Public School, which had reopened after the Eid holiday. On Thursday morning, the bus was carrying 35 children to school when the unfortunate incident happened while overtaking another school bus near Unani village.

During the attempt to overtake, there was a loud crash and the bus flipped over. Five children lost their lives on the spot, while one succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

The injured children were brought to the hospital by ambulance.

Schools Operated Even on Holidays

Even on holidays, schools were operational. As information became available, many people gathered at the accident site. Several children suffered serious injuries. 

Today, on the occasion of Eid, all government offices and schools are closed. However, even private schools did not declare a holiday. There were 35 children on the bus.

Injured children lying on the road and people picking them up.

Bus Fitness Certificate Expired

According to available information, the documents for this school bus were not complete. Even the fitness certificate had expired. Despite this, the school continued to operate the bus.

The school bus was damaged after the accident.

Former Chairman of Municipal Corporation Owns the School

This school, located in the vicinity, is nearly 22 years old and operates up to the 12th grade. The owner of this school is Rajendra Lodha, who is associated with various political parties. He has also served as the Chairman of the Municipal Corporation in the past.

People had gathered at the place of incident.

Education Minister’s Statement: “Engaging with Officials”

Haryana’s Education Minister, Seema Trikha, stated over the phone, “I have been in discussions with the DC and officials from the Education Department.” When asked about the reopening of schools on holidays, she replied, “I am thoroughly investigating the matter.” 

She also mentioned, “I will speak on this issue shortly. I will also visit the site of the incident after some time.”

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