Dangerous Stunt: Young Couple Flirts on Bikes, Ahmedabad Police Takes Action

In Ahmedabad, police took action after a viral video showed risky behavior involving a triple-seat ride. A young man was seen riding a motorcycle recklessly with another youth and a girl seated behind him, without helmets. The video showed them engaging in stunts while riding. Based on the viral video, the police took action and apprehended all three individuals involved.

According to police reports, in Ahmedabad’s Hatkeshwar area, a youth was seen riding a motorcycle recklessly on the public road. Near Gurudji Bridge, the youth was riding the bike in a risky manner, endangering lives. The motorcycle, with a young man and a girl sitting behind him, was seen engaging in dangerous stunts. The police took action upon receiving information about this serious stunt.

The police apprehended all three individuals. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the police obtained private information about the trio and subsequently intercepted the vehicle towards the direction of Hatkeshwar Circle. As the vehicle approached Ghodasar, it was intercepted by the police in collaboration with a team of constables. Upon questioning by the constables, the driver revealed his name as Vishalkumar Dantani.

The video evidence showed the youth and the girl engaging in dangerous stunts while riding on the motorcycle. The name of the youth was identified as Vipul Chunar. Subsequently, the police arrested all three individuals, documented the offense, and proceeded with further legal action.

Niyati Rao

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