Mayank Yadav’s Fitness and Fast Bowling Tips: Technique Over Strength, Quality Sleep Key

In the IPL debut of Lakhnao Super Giants, fast bowler Mank Yadav’s pace caught attention. In their first match against Punjab Kings, he bowled at 155.6 kilometers per hour (KMPH), the fastest of the season, surpassing his own record of 156.7 KMPH in the second match against RCB.

Mank Yadav revealed his quick bowling and fitness secrets in an episode with Manjot on YouTube. Mayank Yadav mentioned that Indian fast bowlers don’t need to have a big build, unlike foreign bowlers whose bulkier physique contributes to their speed. Indian players rely more on superior technique, focusing on run-up, position of the crease, and wrist flick. Along with diet and gym, fitness is crucial for quick bowlers, with emphasis on agility being the most effective for performance.

Mank left school to pursue a debut in professional cricket. Despite being unsold in the first round of IPL auctions, he made a remarkable debut in the Lakhnao Super Giants team.

Mank Yadav mentioned that besides yorkers and bouncers, he didn’t prefer bowling any other delivery. He started his professional career with the Under-19 circuit in the Bihar Trophy, where he took 19 wickets in 4 matches. Initially, Mank used to bowl only yorkers or bouncers. Due to this, he faced challenges during Bihar’s matches as well.

Mank stated that in the first match, he started with yorkers and bouncers. He wasn’t comfortable with length balls. Although he missed with some bouncers, his length balls were on point. In the second match, he performed better, bowling good length balls and taking wickets.

Mank mentioned that he received an offer from Services during the Bihar tournament. After the Bihar stint, he received a call for Ranji trials. He was nervous but performed well during the Ranji trial. However, the COVID situation arose afterward. He wasn’t selected for the Delhi team. Later, he received a call from Services for trials. He underwent the trials and they offered him a job, which he wasn’t expecting. He was selected in Services, but during the paperwork process, he missed out on it.

Mank further added that he got his first breakthrough in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy from Delhi. His name came into the limelight as he performed exceptionally well, taking six wickets in the first two matches. Eventually, he got the opportunity to play for Delhi in the Ranji Trophy.

Mank revealed that he underwent trials for seven IPL teams, all of which remained unsold in the first round of auctions. He mentioned that he had a satisfying experience with all the trials, but the trials with CSK and DC stood out as the best ones. He felt that he fulfilled the demand for T20 cricket during these trials.

In the auction list, his name came towards the end, indicating that one of the teams might include him. However, when his name was announced, no team picked him, leaving him unsold. His name resurfaced in the second round of auctions, where he finally got picked by a team of his preference. After being disappointed in the first round, he wasn’t even watching the second round closely. He was unaware until an hour later about which team chose him.

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