Mayank Yadav Throws Ball at 156 km/h Is Vegetarian: A Journey of Struggle and Triumph

Mayank Yadav, the fastest bowler of IPL 2024, is a vegetarian. The 21-year-old Mayank Yadav had quit non-vegetarian food four years ago and finds energy from fruits and green vegetables.

Mayank Yadav’s Debut Match Speed

Residing in Punjab’s Bagh, Mayank made his debut match against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) for Punjab Kings (PBKS) on Saturday, 30th March, where he bowled at a speed of 155.6 KM/H. It was the fastest bowl of the season. His father, Prabhu Yadav, has a major role in Mayank’s success. There was a lot of struggle for Prabhu Yadav to reach here.

Challenges Faced during the Pandemic

During the pandemic, the business of Prabhu Yadav, residing in Supaul, Bihar, drowned. He had to work in grocery and egg shops as well.

Q: How much struggle did Mayank have to go through to reach here?

Answer: I am originally from Supaul, Bihar. My entire family resides there. However, Mayank and my eldest daughter were born in Delhi. We have to go to the village for marriage. We live in a rented house in Delhi.

Mayank’s Early Cricketing Journey

At the age of 18, I came to Delhi with my elder brother. I used to work in a sweet shop here. I had to work in hotels, grocery shops, and egg shops. Later, I started a company to make car clocks, but that business drowned during the pandemic. Now our company manufactures ambulances and police vehicles in Okhla.

Q: How did Mayank become a cricketer?

Answer: I used to like playing cricket since childhood, but circumstances were such that I couldn’t pursue my passion. I was the second among four brothers and two sisters. The family’s financial condition was not very good, so I had to work outside for a living.

Mayank’s Dedication to Cricket

At the age of 4, one day when there was a Sunday holiday, I took him to the park. Children were playing cricket there. I asked Mayank if he liked playing cricket, to which he replied, “As you say.”

Then I took him to Rohatak Road Gymkhana Cricket Club. Gradually his interest grew, and he started enjoying playing cricket. He liked throwing fast balls from the beginning.

Mayank’s Training Days

At the age of 16, I took him to the Sonnet Club. Coach Tarak Sinha had taken a trial there. There, with Tarak sir, Devendra Sharma, and other academy coaches, Tarak sir appreciated his talent.

Q: Cricket involves a lot of uncertainty. Besides Mayank’s cricket career, did you think about Plan B?

Answer: At the age of 16, Mayank started bowling at a speed of 140 km per hour. Tarak sir and Devendra sir told us that Mayank has the ability to play for India, and he will get success in IPL and Ranji too.

He received job offers from the Air Force and Railways, but I refused. I felt that if he starts working, he won’t be able to fulfill his dream of playing cricket for the country. He will deviate from his goal. My coach and family members were not happy with this decision. They said, what will happen if he doesn’t get success in cricket.

I clearly said that when I am there, he doesn’t need to worry. Otherwise, if something happens, he will take care of the business. I had faith in him that either today or tomorrow, he will succeed. He was not selected due to injuries last year. I am sure he will get a chance to play for the Indian team.

Q: If he bowls at a speed of 140, then does diet play an important role in it? Does he eat non-veg for this?

Answer: Mayank was weak since childhood. I used to give him non-veg, but for the last 4 years, he hasn’t been eating non-veg. He has become a vegetarian now. He fulfills his body’s requirements by eating green vegetables and other items.

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