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Kitchen Sealed at 4-Star Hotel in Ahmedabad After Insect Found In Soup: Fairfield by Marriott

The kitchen of Fairfield by Marriott Hotel located in the Usmanpura area of the city has been sealed by the Food Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Insect were found in the soup served at the hotel. A team from the corporation’s food department conducted an inspection at the hotel upon receiving complaints. As per the Food Safety and Standards Act, the kitchen was sealed due to the absence of documents such as Pest Control Certificate, Medical Fitness Certificate, etc.

Closure Notice Issued, Kitchen Shut Down

Dr. Bhavin Joshi, an official from the Food Department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, informed that a customer who had ordered soup at the Fairfield by Marriott Hotel near Ashram Road found Insect in it. The customer lodged a complaint with the Food Department of the Municipal Corporation. Subsequently, a team visited the hotel for inspection. Upon finding that no food items were being prepared in the kitchen, a closure notice was issued. The kitchen will remain shut until pest control measures are undertaken, and after receiving clearance from the concerned authorities, it will be allowed to reopen.

Intensive Inspection of Food Establishments

The Food Department has announced that businesses such as hotels, restaurants, fast-food parlors, and food vending establishments should immediately undergo pest control and obtain a Kitchen Waste Contract certificate. Additionally, during the upcoming hot days, intensive inspection of food establishments engaged in various activities like selling cold drinks, packaged drinking water, ice cream, ice balls, lassi, sherbet, etc., which are mixed with food items, will be conducted. Businesses operating without a license/registration will also undergo inspections. If any business is found operating without a license/registration during the inspection, strict action will be taken up to sealing/closure, motivating them to obtain the necessary licenses/registrations to conduct their business legally.

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