Tragic Accident in Rajkot: Middle-Aged Man Killed on Bridge as Car Hits Bike; Suspected DUI

In a sudden turn of events in Rajkot, a tragic incident unfolded on the Ramapir Bridge at the 150-foot Ring Road. The collision between a car and a motorcycle resulted in the untimely demise of the motorcyclist and serious injuries to the car driver. Shockingly, the car plunged off the bridge, accompanied by the driver, leaving them critically injured. 

Promptly responding to the scene, the police intervened to rescue the trapped individuals and attended to the grieving families. The deceased, identified as Kiritbhai, was the sole breadwinner of his family, hailing from Gujarat. 

Earlier that morning, he was on his way back home after enjoying a cup of tea with a friend around 4 a.m. Unfortunately, neither of them made it back home safely, as the accident cut their meeting short, leaving behind a sorrowful tale of loss and tragedy.

Driver, Anant Mahendrabhai Gajjar

Car Collides with Motorcycle on Rajkot’s Ring Road

Today morning, between 4:00 to 4:30 AM, a car bearing registration number GJ-03-LM-1990 swiftly moved over the Ramapir Bridge near Sheetal Park Chowk on the 150-foot Ring Road in Rajkot city. 

While traversing the bridge, it collided abruptly with a motorcycle, causing the rider, identified as Kiritbhai Ponda, to fall from the bike and sustain severe injuries. Sadly, the accident resulted in his untimely demise at the scene. 

Although the car driver escaped with minor injuries, the collision occurred just before Sheetal Park Chowk towards the south direction, near the Spar-2 building on the left side of the road.

The middle-aged biker died on the spot.

Locals Accuse Driver of Being Intoxicated

Following the incident, locals raised accusations of the driver being under the influence of alcohol. Upon receiving the report, the police swiftly reached the scene and informed the deceased’s family, subsequently transferring the body to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem examination. 

The driver, identified as Anant Mahendrabhai Gajjar, along with his companion Devendrabhai Upadhyay, who was traveling in the car, has been detained for interrogation. It is noteworthy that allegations of intoxication leveled by local residents will prompt the police to conduct a medical check-up on the driver. 

Depending on the findings, further action may be taken under the Prohibition Act if the driver is found to be in an inebriated state.

The car causing the accident

Demand for CCTV Installation on Bridge Emerges

It is noteworthy that during most nights, vehicles on the bridge often speed recklessly, endangering the lives of ordinary people. This bridge has witnessed three accidents due to such incidents in the past. 

Despite demands, no action has been taken to install government CCTV cameras near Sheetal Park Chowk to monitor the situation. However, as of today, no progress has been made regarding this matter.

File photo of the deceased.

Police Under Scrutiny Following Another Accident

In Rajkot city, the police have come under scrutiny for their aggressive enforcement against minor traffic violations, primarily targeting small vehicle drivers, while failing to take stern action against reckless drivers, jeopardizing innocent lives. 

Within the last two days, two more accidents have occurred, both involving cars driven recklessly, leading to serious consequences.

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