Gujarat University: Mob Attacks Students Offering Namaz, Complaint Filed Against 25

During the night, there have been reports of violence against Afghan and other students at Gujarat University. Several individuals, wearing saffron attire, reportedly attacked foreign students inside a hostel premises, leading to clashes. Additionally, students have been subjected to stone-pelting and vandalism within the hostel. Videos of the entire incident have surfaced. However, the university officials and security personnel have failed to ensure the safety of foreign students. Even the rector is facing severe criticism. Currently, Ahmedabad Police Commissioner J.S. Malik, MLA Kaushik Jain, and Chancellor Nirja Gupta have arrived at SVP Hospital to meet the injured students.

March 16 Night’s Events:

  • 10:30 PM: 20-25 individuals entered Block A of the hostel.
  • 10:51 PM: Message received at the police control room.
  • 10:56 PM: PCR van reached the incident site.
  • 11:26 PM: Gujarat University PI arrived.

Events of March 17 Morning:

  • 5:30 AM: Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted.
  • 9:30 AM: Home Minister convened a meeting.
  • 9:57 AM: IB Director R.B. Brahmabhatt reached the scene.
  • 9:58 AM: State DGP and Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi arrived.
  • 10:00 AM: Police Commissioner J.S. Malik and Crime Branch JCP Niraj Badgujar arrived.
  • 10:25 AM: Zone 1’s Incharge DCP and Crime Branch team reached.
  • 10:30 AM: Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajiyan arrived.
  • 11:00 AM: Home Minister concluded the meeting.
  • 11:20 AM: Police Commissioner J.S. Malik, Crime Branch JCP Niraj Badgujar, Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajiyan, and Gujarat University Chancellor Nirja Gupta met at the scene.
  • 11:22 AM: Room number 23 inspected by police officers.
  • 11:25 AM: Police Commissioner and Incharge DCP obtained information from Gujarat University Chancellor regarding the hostel.
  • 11:32 AM: Police Commissioner questioned the security guard.

Police to Investigate: Police Commissioner

In a conversation with the media, Police Commissioner G.S. Malik stated that at 10:51 PM, a call was received at the police control room, and by 10:56 PM, the police had reached the scene of the incident. Approximately 20 to 25 people had gathered in Block A of the university hostel. It was during the month of Ramadan, and some students were offering Namaz. There was a commotion and agitation, with some engaging in vandalism. Gujarat University Police have filed charges against 20 to 25 individuals. Separate teams from the DCB and four Crime Branches have been formed. The suspect involved in the vandalism has been identified. The police will provide detailed information gradually. The police will take strict action in this matter, with new teams conducting investigations against the accused.

Controversy Not Just about Namaz: Chancellor

The Chancellor of Gujarat University, Nirja Gupta, mentioned that students were indeed offering Namaz in the hostel, but there had been ongoing disputes among various groups. Some youths who came from outside had assaulted foreign students. Immediate complaints have been registered. The controversy was not just about Namaz; it had been an ongoing issue among various groups. This investigation focuses on whether foreign students should be allowed to Namaz in the hostel and the cultural orientation of foreign students, which aligns with the culture of the country. Moreover, security measures will be enhanced. The police have all the videos related to the incident. This investigation is the subject of the entire police operation.

Police Commissioner Issues Stern Warning: Kaushik Jain

Kaushik Jain, a BJP MLA from Dariyapur, also visited the Gujarat University hostel. He mentioned in media conversation that those who have committed this act will face strict action. The Police Commissioner held a meeting regarding this incident. Those who are involved will be given a stern warning.

Interrogation of Security Guards by Police Commissioner

Currently, Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, Crime Branch JCP Niraj Badgujar, and Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajani along with other senior police officials have visited the incident site. Moreover, the police officers are conducting an investigation at Room No. 23. Police Commissioner and the Incharge DCP have gathered information from Gujarat University Chancellor regarding hostel affairs. The Police Commissioner has also questioned the security guards.

Dispute Arises as Students Namaz in Hostel

Yesterday night, an incident of assaulting foreign students occurred in Block A of the Gujarat University hostel. Students were offering Namaz in the hostel when clashes erupted among them. Unknown individuals barged into the hostel premises, some of whom resorted to stone-pelting, and vandalism occurred inside the hostel rooms. Additionally, vehicles parked by students outside the hostel were also damaged by the mob.

Injured Students Admitted to Hospital

In this incident, three students were injured and admitted to SVP Hospital. Upon receiving information, the police arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation. Students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Africa were present in the hostel during the incident. Authorities have called for a meeting at Shahibaug Circuit House, including the DGP and Police Commissioner, to discuss the matter.

No Safe Place to Namaz: Mohammad Varis

Mohammad Varis, an Afghan student, stated that they were Namazing in the hostel campus due to Ramadan. Some people approached them asking about permission and began throwing stones, shouting slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’. This led to a confrontation with about 200 people throwing stones while they were Namazing. The mob disrupted our Namaz and vandalized our rooms, damaging laptops, vehicles, and other belongings. We are foreign students and have no means of defense. We urge the university to provide us with a safe place to Namaz.

Hostel Ransacked by 200 People: Noman

Another student named Noman reported that he was outside yesterday night when he received a call informing him of a dispute in the hostel. Upon reaching the hostel, he found all rooms vandalized. About 200 people were outside, engaged in violence, throwing stones and causing damage. Many of our belongings have been destroyed. We have been Namazing here for five years without any issues, but yesterday, we faced a conflict for the first time.

Students Namaz Controversy in Hostel

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) has demanded that responsible staff should enforce disciplinary action. Are foreign students not safe at Gujarat University? Despite claims of security and development, incidents targeting foreign students arriving in Gujarat continue. Some elements sneak into hostel premises and assault students. Questions arise about the security of Gujarat University and its system.

‘This is Highly Embarrassing’

NSUI further stated that while the chancellor of Gujarat University boasts of significant development, foreign students on the campus are not safe. All anti-social elements should be dealt with according to international laws. The chancellor of Gujarat University should resign, taking this serious incident into account.

Incident Raises Questions on Student Safety at University: ABVP

Regarding the incident, ABVP’s state minister Samarth Bhatt has raised concerns about student safety at Gujarat University. Various students from different countries are studying in campus hostels, for which the university is responsible for security. The government should conduct an impartial investigation into the incident and take strict action against all accused. On Saturday night, there was an attack on students by external elements outside the hostel, leading to vandalism inside the hostel. Such incidents created a significant concern about student safety at the university.

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