Horrifying: NEET Aspirant Kidnapped in Kota, Demanding 30 Lakhs via WhatsApp After Binding Hands and Feet

In a distressing turn of events, a student preparing for NEET from Kota has been kidnapped. The culprits provided her father’s WhatsApp number to convey the information and even sent him a picture of the girl. In the image, she appeared to be bound, with her hands and feet tied. A ransom of 30 lakh rupees was demanded for her release. The girl resides in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.

On the other hand, the Kota police have announced a reward of 20,000 rupees for providing information about the student. On Tuesday morning, the police took the father to a coaching institute. It has been disclosed that the coaching institute has no information regarding the registration of the student.

The miscreants have sent such messages to the student's father.

Father Receives Shocking Message: Daughter’s Kidnapping

Raghuveer Dhakar, a resident of Bairad in Shivpuri (MP), has reported an incident at the Vigyan Nagar police station in Kota. Raghuveer is the principal of Lord Lakheshwar School in Bairad. According to the report, Raghuveer informed the police that his daughter, Kavya Dhakar (20), has been kidnapped. 

On Monday afternoon at around 3 o’clock, he received a WhatsApp message on his mobile from an unknown number regarding his daughter’s kidnapping. The message mentioned that Kavya’s hands and feet were bound, and in some photos, blood was also visible on her face.

The message stated, “Raghuveer’s daughter has been kidnapped. A ransom of 30 lakh rupees has been demanded for her safe release. Bank account details have also been provided. It was instructed to deposit the money by Monday evening. 

As I didn’t have such a large amount of money, I requested some time to arrange it. After that, a threat to kill my daughter was given.” Immediately, I informed the Kota police about the photos and the message and rushed from Shivpuri to Kota for Kavya’s sake. On Monday night, I reached Kota.


Kota Visit in September Last Year

Raghuveer mentioned in the report that in September 2023, he had brought his daughter to Kota to prepare for NEET. He had enrolled her in a coaching institute in the Vigyan Nagar area. He had also arranged for her accommodation in the same area, renting a room. 

She had last visited home during Diwali. They used to talk on the phone daily, and even on Sunday nights, she would converse with her mother. At that time, she had informed them that after taking the exams, she would come home.

Discrepancy Regarding Coaching Institute Registration

The coaching institute stated that there was no registration under the name of the student (Kavya Dhakar) in their records. Additionally, Dinesh Jain, the head of PW Coaching in Kota, mentioned that there was no registration of the student in their coaching institute. 

However, the student’s father, Raghuveer, insisted that Kavya’s admission was indeed done in that coaching institute. Now, the coaching center is refuting this claim. Kavya had gone to take a test, for which she also received a message from the coaching institute. However, the coaching institute stated that they did not send any message regarding the test.

The police reached the coaching along with the student's father this morning. Both parties spoke face to face.

Messaging Not Done via Coaching Institute Numbers Raises Concerns

The fact that messaging was not conducted through the coaching institute’s numbers has raised numerous questions about the entire incident. On the other hand, hostel operator Paras Kumar has also denied Kavya’s presence at their establishment. He explicitly stated that a girl named Kavya has never stayed at their hostel.

Police Investigation Intensifies Following Messaging Revelation

The involvement of the police in sending messages adds significant importance to this case. Amrita Duhan, the Superintendent of Police in Kota, has stated that police teams have been formed, and the investigation into the case has commenced. 

Family members arrived in Kota on Monday night. According to sources, a youth from Jaipur’s Sindhi Camp area has also been brought in for questioning. The police are currently gathering information from him.

After the matter came to light, people of Dhakad community reached Vigyan Nagar police station and demanded immediate search of the girl and arrest of the accused.

Threats Prompt Relocation from Indore to Kota

Raghuveer Dhakar, the father of the student, revealed that two years ago his daughter was preparing for NEET while residing in Indore. Their presence in the Jariakheda village surprised Rinku Dhakar, who lodged a complaint with the Indore police. 

Following this, Anurag Soni and Harshit, two boys, threatened the daughter over the phone. Subsequently, the daughter was summoned back from Indore to Shivpuri. She resided in Shivpuri for six months before returning to Kota in September 2023 to prepare for NEET.

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