Election Impact on Vacation: School Vacation Start Date Revised from May 6 to May 9 Due to Teacher Election Duties

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board had initially announced summer vacations in schools from May 6 onwards. However, due to the upcoming elections, the vacation dates have been revised. 

Now, the vacation will commence from May 9 and extend until June 12. This adjustment has been made to accommodate teachers who are engaged in election duties, ensuring a smooth conduct of both electoral responsibilities and academic schedules during this period.

Teachers to be Relieved from Election Duties on May 7

Previously, the Gujarat Board had announced school vacations from May 6 to June 9. However, due to teachers’ engagement in election duties, they will now be relieved from these duties starting May 7. Consequently, the summer vacation, which was initially scheduled from May 9 to June 12, will commence as planned. 

Schools will resume operations from June 13 onwards, marking the beginning of a new academic session. It’s noteworthy that adjustments have also been made to the vacation schedules of Gujarat University and Gujarat Technological University due to the elections.

Revised Vacation Schedule

Revised Vacation Schedule for Gujarat University

The vacation schedule of Gujarat University had also undergone alterations due to the elections. Initially announced from May 1 to June 15, the vacation period had to be adjusted because of teachers’ involvement in election duties. 

Consequently, a request was made to begin the vacation from June 9 onwards. Acknowledging this request, Gujarat University has now announced the revised vacation dates, starting from June 9 and extending until June 26.

Revision of Summer Vacation Dates at Gujarat University

The previously announced summer vacation dates for Gujarat University were from May 1 to June 15. However, due to the involvement of Gujarat University’s faculty and staff in the Lok Sabha elections, the vacation dates needed adjustment. 

Consequently, the university authorities have decided to reschedule the summer vacation. The summer vacation for the university’s administrative staff, department heads, and faculty members, including those from affiliated colleges, will now be from May 9 to June 23.

Decision Following Chancellor's Review

Decision Following Chancellor’s Review

Previously, Gujarat University had announced that its vacation would commence from May 1. However, a request regarding this matter was presented to the Chancellor by the faculty. 

Consequently, a decision has been made to reconsider and possibly alter the earlier announcement following review by the Chancellor.

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