Attempted Collective Tragedy: Two Women and a Child Leap into Sabarmati, Rescued by Bystanders, One by Fire Brigade Rescue

In a daring attempt, a family plunged into the waters of the Sabarmati River, seeking a collective tragedy. However, thanks to the swift response of local residents and the fire brigade, all individuals were safely rescued from the perilous situation. 

This incident highlights the importance of community solidarity and emergency services in averting potential disasters.

Rescue Efforts Unfold: Individuals Jump into River from Riverfront Walkway

According to available information, a section of the Sabarmati Riverfront near Paldi Chandranagar has become a spot for thrill-seekers to leap into the waters below from a walkway above. In a recent incident, two women, one man, and a child aged between seven and eight, totaling four individuals, plunged into the river. 

Spectators on the walkway immediately rushed to the scene, managing to rescue three of them in no time. The rapid response rescue team from the fire brigade was also alerted and promptly arrived at the riverfront, successfully rescuing the remaining individual. All four were safely retrieved from the water, thanks to the coordinated efforts of both bystanders and emergency responders.

Police Intervention: All Four Taken to Riverfront West Police Station

Upon being informed, the Riverfront West Police dispatched two police vehicles to the scene of the incident immediately. 

Currently, all four individuals involved have been taken to the Riverfront West Police Station for further investigation into the reasons behind the attempted tragedy.

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