Protest Continues: No Entry for BJP Until Rupala’s Ticket Cancelled; JCB Banner at Sathod, Dabhoi

In Gujarat, there’s a growing wave of opposition against the comments made by Lok Sabha Rajkot meeting candidate Parshottam Rupala regarding the Kshatriya community. This discontent has particularly manifested in Dabhoi taluka of Vadodara district. 

In the village of Sathod, banners have been put up at the main entrance by the Rajput community, prohibiting the entry of BJP workers under the guise of Parshottam Rupala’s controversial remarks. 

The banners explicitly state that until Rupala’s ticket is either revoked or unchanged, no BJP worker or leader will be allowed entry into the village.

The banner was put up by Samast Sathod Rajput Samaj

Social Backlash Sparks Anti-BJP Sentiment in Dabhoi

Following Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit, banners resembling those seen in Sathod village of Dabhoi have cropped up. Amidst this, a significant presence of the Rajput community was noted, voicing opposition against the remarks made towards their community. 

Previously, in the nearby village of Mandwa, similar anti-BJP banners were also displayed. Additionally, gathered sources had reportedly expressed discontent directly to Parshottam Rupala, emphasizing that although they won’t boycott the elections, the Kshatriya community will vote against the Bharatiya Janata Party in every forthcoming election.

A boycotting photo of Rupala was also placed in the banner

Government Compelled to Address Oppositional Voices

The recent announcements have made it clear that the Rajput community of Sathod village is vehemently expressing its dissent, and today, along with the community, Sathod village has put up these posters on village stands. 

It has been stated that if we do not receive fair justice, similar posters will be put up in every village, and a vote against Rupala will be ensured. While the BJP talks about development, the Rajput community is seen on the streets questioning why justice isn’t being served. 

My demand is legitimate, and we have not engaged in any oppositional activities against any community or the government. It is the government’s actions that are forcing us to speak out.

People also chanted slogans against Purushottam Rupala with banners

Threat of Significant Losses to Government Due to Micro Planning

It has been further stated that if the government does not revoke Parshottam Rupala’s ticket, we will undertake micro-planning that will result in significant losses for the government. 

Additionally, in all upcoming elections, we will boycott the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). We demand justice, and our sole request is the cancellation of Rupala’s ticket.

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