Burning of Rupala’s Effigy Threatened at Kshatriya Maidan: Society Warns of Consequences if Loyalty to Rupala Prevails

The recent remarks made by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Lok Sabha candidate for Rajkot, Parshottam Rupala, regarding the Kshatriya community have stirred discontent within the community. Despite Rupala’s attempt to seek forgiveness through a video, the anger within the Kshatriya community remains unabated. 

Today, a grand assembly of the Kshatriya community is taking place at the Rajput Bhavan in Ahmedabad. Representatives from 70 organisations of the Kshatriya community are present at this crucial meeting. The primary agenda of today’s meeting revolves around discussing the future course of action following Rupala’s controversial statement. It is expected that the strategy decided upon in this meeting will be made public afterward.

Veerbhadra Singh Jadeja has suggested that Rupala’s ticket should be revoked. However, Rupala seems to be the sole target of criticism. If another candidate is given the ticket, it will be a direct attack on our dignity. We had demanded tickets for the Kshatriya community in 26 meetings. 

If the society chooses to support Rupala, it should be prepared to face the consequences. The situation in the Rajkot constituency is critical. Ninety organizations are represented in this meeting, and there will be no room for forgiveness. A mega convention will be organized in Rajkot shortly.

Vasudevsinh Gohil stated that efforts are being made to organize the burning of Rupala’s effigy. We do not accept apologies; instead, we will strive to bring forth issues that concern the society and the community. 

It’s not a matter of party loyalty but an individual’s integrity. Rupala faces opposition, and he will face the consequences at the ballot box. The Kshatriya community holds significant sway, constituting 17% of the total votes in Gujarat. Our strength lies in the ability to change outcomes if we decide to field our own candidate against Rupala.

A large number of Kshatriya community leaders were present

Rupala’s Controversial Statement: What Was the Controversial Remark?

Parshottam Rupala’s statement that sparked controversy was regarding the historical actions of the British colonial rulers and their treatment of Indian princely states. He asserted, “The British did not leave any stone unturned to oppress us, and the kings and princes even had to beg for their livelihood. 

However, our society did not change its values or behaviors despite facing severe oppression. At that time, they did not bow down before the sword.”

Rupala’s Apology: What Did He Say While Seeking Forgiveness?

In his apology today, Parshottam Rupala expressed regret over his remarks, stating, “I made a statement at a function of the Valmiki community, which has stirred anger among the Kshatriya community. 

My intention was not to belittle our kings; rather, my aim was to express my disappointment towards our leaders. If my statement has hurt anyone’s sentiments, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I request everyone to put an end to this matter here itself.”

Women leaders were also present in the meeting

Meeting Held in Surendranagar Yesterday: Kshatriya Community Expresses Discontent

Following the controversy surrounding Rupala’s statement, anger has spread throughout the Kshatriya community across the state. In response to this, a gathering of the Kshatriya community was organized yesterday in Surendranagar, attended by a large number of representatives from Patan, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and other regions. 

The district collector was approached with a request regarding Rupala’s statement. It was decided to present petitions to the collectors of each district in the coming days, submit written appeals to higher authorities, pursue legal action, and lodge complaints with the Election Commission. 

The Kshatriya community has united to ensure Rupala’s defeat, exerting significant political pressure through voting across Gujarat to damage the prospects of his candidacy.

Discuss the next strategy against Rupala

Election Commission Assigns Inquiry into Rupala’s Controversial Statement

The district election officer has been instructed to conduct an investigation into the complaint against Rupala regarding his controversial statement. Parshottam Rupala has been accused of using derogatory language against the Kshatriya community, following which he released a video and subsequently apologized to the community for his remarks. 

However, the Kshatriya community has announced its decision not to forgive Rupala, insisting on maintaining a firm stance against him.

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