Our Judiciary at Risk: Legal Advocates Express Concerns, 600+ Lawyers Address CJI; Warn of Escalating Political Pressure

More than 600 senior advocates, including former Solicitor General of India Harish Salve, have penned a letter to Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, expressing grave concerns over the state of the judiciary. They assert that the judicial system is under threat, facing both political and professional pressures. 

The advocates emphasize the imperative to safeguard judicial integrity. They advocate for those who work tirelessly to uphold the law. It is our duty as citizens to ensure the protection of our courts. Now is the time to speak up against suppression and attacks on the judiciary. We must ensure that the courts remain the cornerstone of democracy, impervious to such assaults.

Letter Dated March 26th: Concerns Over Threats to Judicial Independence

Dear Sir, We are writing to express our grave concerns regarding recent developments. A particular group has been making concerted efforts to undermine the judiciary. This group has been exerting undue influence on the judicial system, attempting to tarnish its image by levying unfounded allegations, often driven by their own political agendas.

Their actions have created an atmosphere of distrust and insecurity within the judiciary. Political interference in legal matters is unfortunately not uncommon, especially in cases where allegations of corruption against politicians are involved. Such tactics not only undermine the credibility of our courts but also pose a significant threat to democracy.

This particular group is working tirelessly, often referencing dark chapters in our judicial history and drawing parallels with current events. Their intentions seem clear – to sway decisions and jeopardize the integrity of the courts for their own political gains.

We are particularly troubled by reports of some lawyers engaging in daily political battles, appearing in the media at night, potentially influencing verdicts. There are even allegations of bench-fixing. Such behavior not only disrespects our courts but also undermines their authority.

Even honorable judges have not been spared from these attacks. They are being subjected to false accusations and unjust vilification. They have stooped so low as to align themselves with countries where the rule of law holds no significance. Allegations of unjust practices on our judiciary continue to surface.

It is imperative that these issues be addressed promptly and effectively to preserve the integrity and independence of our judiciary.

Challenges to Judicial Independence: Political Interference

Recent events have underscored a troubling trend of political interference in judicial matters. It is disconcerting to witness how politicians often level accusations of corruption against their opponents and then rush to the courts for protection. 

If court rulings do not favor them, they resort to criticizing the judiciary publicly, tarnishing its image. This blatant disregard for the sanctity of the courts poses a significant risk to our democracy, as it erodes public trust and faith in the judicial system.

Backlash and False Information: Attacks on Judiciary Transparency

Another concerning issue is the dissemination of false information and targeted attacks against judges on social media platforms. Some individuals maliciously link judges to their cases, spreading misinformation to manipulate public opinion and pressure judges into making biased decisions. 

Such actions not only jeopardize the transparency of our judiciary but also undermine the principles of justice. Moreover, these attacks often coincide with elections, highlighting their politically motivated nature. This is a pattern we have observed even in previous years, such as in 2018-19.

Niyati Rao

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