Rajkot Controversy: Rupala’s Rebuke of Rahul Gandhi’s Statement – Jagdamba Worship Lasts Nine Days, Shakti Objection Raised

In Mumbai, a controversy has erupted following Rahul Gandhi’s appeal regarding the Shakti issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister and Rajkot Lok Sabha candidate Purushottam Rupala also publicly criticized Rahul Gandhi’s appeal without mentioning it. 

During a public event in Rajkot, Rupala, while attending, expressed that “we have Jagdamba here, the festival of worship lasts for nine days, now they have objected to Shakti.”

If someone asks to worship Shakti, he holds Shakti - Rupala

Purushottam Rupala’s Assertion on the Absence of Child Gods and Female Deities

During his speech, Purushottam Rupala stated that there are no child gods or female deities anywhere except in our country, in Indian culture. He emphasized that we have only these deities here. There are no child gods or female deities elsewhere; we only have Jagdamba here. Their worship takes place every day, and their festival is celebrated right here.

Even today the country is celebrating by burning the effigy of Ravana - Rupala

The Nation Doesn’t Run on the Trust of Opposers

Purushottam Rupala’s recent remarks brought back memories of Rahul Gandhi’s appeal, and suddenly he exclaimed that even before, there had been opposition to Shakti. He stressed that without understanding, opposition arises, it’s not about understanding. Someone says they worship Shakti, then they are confronted with Shakti. 

Let’s keep this going. This nation doesn’t run on such trust. The nation doesn’t run on the trust of opposers. The date of Sita’s abduction is unknown to anyone; it’s mentioned in the Ramayana, and even today, the burning of Ravana’s effigy continues to awaken the nation. Therefore, the country doesn’t forget certain events, and it adheres to traditions.

Rupala attended an overview program of Shrinathji Bhagwan

Rahul Gandhi’s Appeal at the Conclusion of his Justice Yatra

Rahul Gandhi’s justice yatra concluded on March 17th. On this occasion, a rally organized by the I.N.D.I.A alliance was held in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park, with the participation of leaders from 15 different parties. 

Congress leaders also joined this rally. During the rally, Rahul Gandhi stated that “Shakti” (power) is a term found in Hinduism, and we are fighting against power.

Purushottam Rupala’s Participation in Religious Event Near Kuvadva, Rajkot

Near Kuvadva, Rajkot, a program was organized at the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway to commemorate the journey of Shrinathji Bhagwan. Purushottam Rupala attended this religious event where he delivered a speech for nearly 9 minutes. 

Amidst discussions about the child form of the deity and mother’s teachings, unexpectedly, Rupala was reminded of Rahul Gandhi’s appeal regarding Shakti, made a few days earlier in Mumbai. Without mentioning Rahul’s name, his appeal was criticized during this event.

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