Horrific Murder of Two Brothers in UP, Accused Encounter Mother’s Revelation: First Murdered after Borrowing 5000

In a distressing event that unfolded in Budaun, on Tuesday evening (March 19), two young cousins fell victim to a brutal assault, their throats slit with weapons. The deceased were aged 14 and 6 respectively. The incident incited an outcry of anger from the local community. Additionally, there were instances of vandalism reported involving bikes and shops.

Following the incident, the Mandi Samiti Police carried out an operation three hours later in the night and encountered one suspect, Sajid, while the other was still at large. Both suspects happen to be brothers.

According to Munni Devi, the grandmother of the deceased children, they had come to her neighbor’s house and were engaged in a conversation with her when she asked them to fetch some tea. In the meantime, they went upstairs where they were attacked. They had inflicted wounds on the hands of her other grandson with a weapon, which alerted us to the situation. However, the exact motive behind this incident is yet to be determined.

This picture is of accused Sajid. The police had an encounter with him.

After Demanding Money, They Killed the Children

The mother of the deceased children, Sangeeta, recounted, “Sajid and Javed had come to our house on a bike. Javed stayed outside with the bike while Sajid entered the house. 

He said, ‘Sister-in-law, I need to get my wife delivered at the hospital. I need ₹5000.’ I gave the money to Sajid.”

Afterwards, I asked them to have tea. I went to make tea. Sajid told me that I am very nervous. I’m going upstairs. When I went upstairs, Sajid had already killed both the children. The reason for the murder is still unknown. I have no dispute with these people.

Mother Sangeeta said- I have no dispute with those people, I don't know why they killed my children.

Salon Owned by Suspects Facing the Deceased’s Residence

Vinod Kumar, a contractor residing in Baba Colony, runs a salon nearby, where he lives with his wife Sangita and children. Sangita operates her own beauty parlour from home. At the time of the incident, Vinod was away for work. They have three children, among whom Ayush (14) and Annu, also known as Honey (6), were among the deceased.

It is reported that Sajid and Javed operate a salon opposite Vinod’s residence. There has been an ongoing dispute between Vinod’s family and these two individuals, although the exact reason for the dispute has not been clarified yet.

This is the accused's shop, which was vandalized and set on fire by the mob.

Grandmother’s Testimony Raises Questions in Child Murder Case

Munni Devi, the grandmother of the deceased children, revealed, “I was preparing tea when my other grandson rushed in. He said, ‘Grandma, look upstairs.’ When I went upstairs, I found that the gate was closed. There was a large weapon near them. They could have attacked me too, but somehow I managed to escape.”

“I grabbed him and ran out, urging people to come. By then, the suspects had fled from the house. We don’t know why they attacked the children.”

Vinod Kumar, the father of the children, stated, “I work outside and have no enmity with the suspects. I don’t even recognize them. I have no idea why they did this.”

This is the crowd outside the house of fun. As soon as the morning dawned, the crowd started gathering here again

Chaos Ensues After Tragic Incident: Salon Ransacked, Fire Started

Following the murder, chaos erupted at the scene. A large crowd gathered, and the police were informed. Furious locals vandalized the suspect’s salon. They threw out the belongings onto the street, set them on fire, and blocked the Moradabad-Farrukhabad Highway. Subsequently, the police and riot control teams were deployed to restore order. 

Family members also halted the ambulance carrying the deceased bodies. Later, the bodies were taken into custody for post-mortem examination. SSP Alok Priyadarshi and DM Manoj Kumar were present at the scene to assess the situation. Officials calmed the crowd and restored peace.

Encounter of Suspect in Sheikhupur Forest

Following the incident, police officers deployed three teams to search for Sajid and Javed. Their location was traced through surveillance. Subsequently, while tracing the location, the police team reached Sheikhupur forest near the Civil Lines Police Station. Upon their arrival, the suspects initiated firing. In response, the police teams also opened fire.

During the exchange, Sajid was shot in the leg. He was rushed to the district hospital, where doctors declared him dead due to excessive bleeding. He was a resident of Babapuri locality. Meanwhile, the other suspect, Javed, is still at large.

DM Manoj Kumar stated that the situation is under control, and the operation is ongoing. He further mentioned, “The incident took place at their residence in Baba Colony, where they brutally murdered two children. We reached the scene with SSP. The situation is being brought under control. Strict action is being taken in this matter. Additional forces have been deployed to maintain control.”

IG Dr. Rakesh Kumar stated, “The killing of two children is a heinous act. The police conducted a thorough investigation at the scene. Subsequently, the police initiated a search for the suspect. When the police attempted to apprehend the suspect, he fired at the police team. In response, the police also fired, resulting in the suspect’s death. The motive behind the murder is under investigation. Further action in this regard is being taken.”

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