Anger Peaks in Vadodara: Hoardings Question BJP’s Authority Amidst ‘Modi Tujhse Ver Nahi, Ranjan Teri Kher Nahi’ Slogans

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is encountering significant dissatisfaction over its consistent nomination of Ranjanben Bhatt for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat. Following public allegations of corruption against Ranjanben Bhatt by a suspended leader of the BJP’s Rashtriya Mahila Morcha, there has been a resurgence of opposition towards her. 

The discontent towards her candidacy has escalated, with banners expressing displeasure popping up across the city constituency of the Legislative Assembly. This repeated opposition signifies a growing rift within the party and underscores the challenges faced by BJP in managing internal dissent amid the upcoming elections.

Banners were put up at the society near the MLA's office.

Diverse Slogans on Banners Across Vadodara

Various banners with diverse slogans have been erected in different areas of Vadodara, reflecting the varied sentiments of the populace. Near Sangam Society, a banner boldly questions, “Will ‘BJP’, drunk on power, stumble anyone? Vadodara’s public is helpless, why because the public favors Modi.” 

Conversely, near Shree Vallabh Park Society, another banner raises concerns, asking, “Where has Vadodara’s development gone? In whose homes or pockets? The public demands an inquiry.” 

Similarly, in Zavernagar Society, a banner asserts, “Modi, we have no enmity with you, it’s Ranjan who’s not welcome here…” These banners with their diverse slogans reflect the complexity of opinions and grievances among the people of Vadodara.

Ranjanben Bhatt Speaks Out Against Opposition

During an interaction with Source regarding the banners lining the streets of Sangam Char Rasta in Vadodara, Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, expressed her views on the opposition she faces. She pointed out that there is only one person working against her, who is not even a BJP member. 

However, she noted that since her candidacy was announced, all BJP workers have been supportive and diligently working towards her campaign. Assembly constituency-level meetings have also commenced, with all seven constituency legislators actively involved in the campaign efforts.

Ranjanben Bhatt Responds to Allegations of Defamation

Ranjanben Bhatt Responds to Allegations of Defamation

Addressing allegations of defamation against her and the BJP, Ranjanben Bhatt stated that she has not filed any police complaint against individuals working against her. However, she mentioned that CCTV footage from Sangam Char Rasta, where banners criticizing her have been put up, will be obtained. 

Following the footage review, appropriate action will be taken against the individual responsible for defaming her and the BJP. Bhatt emphasized that the person working against her is tarnishing her and the BJP’s reputation.

BJP Factionalism Intensifies Over Repeated Candidacy

In a surprising turn of events, discord within the BJP escalated significantly over the re-nomination of Ranjanben Bhatt for the Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, sparking off dissent among a substantial portion of BJP hoarders and workers. 

Notably, before any other dissenting voices emerged, Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, the former Mayor and National Vice President of the BJP Mahila Morcha, led the charge against Ranjanben Bhatt from Gandhi Nagar Gruh, accusing her of corruption. This dissent, characterized by vocal protests and slogans, prompted the BJP to take disciplinary action against them, invoking party regulations and temporarily suspending them.

The people are helpless

Multiple Societies Display Banners, Amplifying Discontent Against Ranjanben Bhatt

In a significant escalation of opposition, various societies around Vadodara witnessed a surge in banners expressing dissatisfaction against Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP candidate, following the suspension of former Mayor Dr. Jyotiben Pandya from the party ranks. Though there wasn’t any noticeable uprising immediately after her suspension, tensions heightened thereafter. 

Notably, areas surrounding Gandhi Park Society, Shree Vallabh Park Society, Jagruti Society, Zavernagar Society, and Sangam Society witnessed an outpouring of discontent through banners directed at Ranjanben Bhatt. This surge of opposition led to considerable unrest among the city’s BJP members and residents.

Banner Controversy Spreads Like Wildfire, Stirring City Residents

The uproar over the banners expressing discontent against Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP candidate for the Vadodara assembly, took a dramatic turn today morning as they were prominently displayed along Sangam Road. This development caused quite a stir among the city’s residents, with crowds gathering to witness the unfolding events. 

As the news of the banners criticizing Ranjanben Bhatt spread rapidly, various opposing and supporting groups rushed to the scene, further fueling the controversy. The sight of these banners ignited intense discussions and debates among the gathered crowds, highlighting the deeply polarized sentiments surrounding the upcoming elections.


Commencement of Investigation by Supporters

It is notable that CCTV cameras have been installed at various locations on Sangam Road. When were the banners against the BJP candidate placed on Sangam Road? Who installed them? Information has been obtained about the investigation initiated by supporters of the BJP candidate regarding how many supporters have begun investigating this matter.

Escalation of Opposition

It is also noteworthy that former Mayor Dr. Jyotiben Pandya, Karani Sena, and city resident Dharmeshbhai have repeated their opposition to Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP candidate for the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting, for the third time. 

Among them, the opposition against Ranjanben Bhatt has been escalating day by day, especially since banners were put up against her during Modi’s visit. With each passing day, the opposition against Ranjanben Bhatt in the Vadodara Lok Sabha meeting is becoming more intense, leaving no room for possibilities of reconciliation.

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