Migration Scam Unveiled in Vadodara: Fake Documents Detected at Overseas Migration Oversize Center, CID on Alert in 3 Metro City

In response to extensive complaints received by the state government regarding the creation of bogus documents for obtaining student visas, work permits, and tourist visas by certain organizations involved in immigration, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) conducted a synchronized search operation across Migration Oversize Centers in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Vadodara. Subsequent investigations by the CID have led to the seizure of fraudulent documents.

Ongoing Investigations 

According to reliable information, CID’s Crime Unit initiated search operations at the Migration Oversize Center in the Smith Complex on Gorwa Road, where activities related to student visas, work permits, and tourist visas were being conducted. The search operation, which commenced in the evening, has resulted in the discovery of bogus documents, prompting further scrutiny by CID.

Document Verification Commences

D.V.S.P. H.M. Chauhan, the head of CID Crime, revealed that during the investigation at Migration Oversize Centers, fraudulent documents have been uncovered. The verification process of these documents is currently underway. Additionally, individuals who have sent documents abroad based on bogus documentation are also under investigation.

Other Organizations Under CID Radar

It has been further disclosed that the CID is intensifying its focus on Migration Oversize organizations involved in providing visas based on bogus documents. In Vadodara, certain organizations issuing visas are also on CID’s radar. More investigations are expected in the coming days.

Police Teams Arrive One After Another

Notably, police teams from Vadodara Rural, Panchmahal, and Bharuch joined forces with CID’s Crime Unit to investigate the Migration Oversize Center in the expansive Smith Complex on Gorwa Road. The search operation began in the evening and saw one police jeep after another arriving at the complex. Upon parking their jeeps, the police teams swiftly entered the Smith Complex, causing a stir among the officials and employees present.

Employees Taken by Surprise

As the police teams reached the Migration Oversize Center, employees of the office were taken by surprise. Along with police officers entering the office, individuals who had arrived for visa-related work were also shocked. The police maintained strict vigilance as they entered the office premises, escorting office staff into the building. The main door was locked with a banner hanging outside, signaling a police operation.

Verification of Documents of Those Who Went Abroad

According to reliable information, the Crime Unit of CID has started the process of document verification for those who have gone abroad through the Migration Oversize Center based on visas. The investigation has unveiled the possibility of a massive scam involving the issuance of visas based on fraudulent documents by Migration Oversize Centers. The Director of the center, Smriti Pranavbhai Shah (Res. Karelibaug), made a request after which substantial data is expected to emerge in the coming days.

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