Vadodara Boatkand: Coordination Committee Faults Administration in Bidding Process; Standing Committee Chairman Said Tender Passed By Following Rules

The boat accident at Harani Motnath in Vadodara has deeply impacted the entire state of Gujarat. This unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of 12 innocent children and 2 female teachers. Responsibility is not only attributed to the contractors of the Kotia project but also extends to the officers of the corporation who approved the tender at that time. This includes office bearers such as the chairman of the standing committee, the mayor, and members of the coordination committee. The incident is seen as a result of negligence, prompting the Divya Bhaskar app to engage with the officials from that period to understand the process of tender approval.

Urgent Calls for Action after Boat Tragedy

Outrage and Questions

Following the tragic boat accident that claimed innocent lives, citizens are expressing widespread outrage. Questions are being raised about the approval process of the tender for the Kotia project. Allegations suggest that the approval may have been influenced by temptation or political connections. The then municipal commissioner, Dr. Vinod Rao, and standing committee chairman, Dr. Jigishaben Sheth, are implicated in the approval process. Families of the victims and concerned citizens are demanding legal action against Jigishaben Sheth, standing committee members, Mayor Bharat Dangar, and coordination committee members, including the then Minister Rakesh Patel.

Tender Approval According to the Rules

Chairman’s Perspective

Regarding the approval of the Kotia project tender, the chairman of the standing committee, Jigishaben Sheth, mentioned in a telephone conversation that the tender was initially rejected but later approved after the completion of the necessary document procedures. She acknowledged that it has been 5-6 years, and her memory about the tender details is limited. However, she believes the approval must have adhered to the tender rules.

Kotia Project Approval by Coordination Committee

Coordination Committee’s Role

The approval or disapproval of works, including the tender for the Kotia project, falls under the jurisdiction of the coordination committee. The tragic incident at Harani Motnath Lake, which claimed the lives of 12 children and 2 teachers, was also subject to approval by the coordination committee. During that time, the committee, chaired by the then general secretary of the BJP, Rakesh Patel, gave the green light to the Kotia project.

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