Bharat Boghra, Owner of 14 Companies, Finds Love in College, Ties the Knot – A Journey of Romance, Roti, and Jalebi Bliss

Dr. Bharat Boghara, with a degree in B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), is known for his medical expertise. Despite performing numerous surgeries, he remains dedicated to public service, extending beyond medical operations to political endeavors. Dr. Bharat Boghara, associated with Operation Lotus in Gujarat, has played a crucial role in political transformations.

Resignation from Politics by Bhupat Bhayani, Chirag Patel, and C.J. Chavda

In recent times, Bhupat Bhayani, Chirag Patel, and C.J. Chavda have resigned from their positions as members of the legislative assembly. Following their resignation, Dr. Bharat Boghara, a key figure in Operation Lotus, has formed a team to navigate political operations beyond party lines.

Dr. Bharat Khodabhai Boghara in Gujarat Politics

Dr. Bharat Khodabhai Boghara holds significant importance in Gujarat politics, particularly within the BJP leadership. His active role in Operation Lotus has contributed to strategic political moves, breaking opposition alliances and strengthening the BJP.

From a Farmer’s Family in Kamalapur to a Doctor

Born on June 22, 1978, in Kamalapur village of Jasdan taluka, Dr. Bharat Boghara hails from a humble farmer’s family. Starting his education in Kamalapur, he pursued his primary and secondary education in Junagadh’s Gurukul. Later, he earned his B.A.M.S. degree from the Government Ayurvedic Medical College in Vadodara.

Practicing Medicine and Venturing into Business

After six years of medical practice, Dr. Bharat Boghara entered the business sector in 2007, starting with cotton ginning under the name Dhruv Cotton Industries in Jasdan. Over time, he expanded into various cotton-related businesses and established four cotton ginning factories.

BJP Ticket and Political Achievements

In 2009, Dr. Bharat Boghara received a BJP ticket for the Jasdan constituency in the legislative assembly elections. Winning the seat, he marked his entry into active politics. Subsequently, he made history by winning the Jasdan seat in 2012 and facing tough competition in 2017 against Congress candidates.

Family Life and Love-Marriage

Dr. Bharat Boghara reflects on his love-marriage with his wife Neeta, who was his classmate. They share a strong bond, raising two sons – the elder one studying in 12th grade and the younger one in 7th grade. Neeta, a doctor as well, practiced for seven years before prioritizing family and social responsibilities.

Initiating a Hospital and Social Service

Dr. Bharat Boghara, along with his wife Neeta, practiced medicine for seven years. However, social and family responsibilities led them to stop the practice. In pursuit of their dream to serve the community, they inaugurated the Narendra Modi Multi-speciality Hospital in Jasdan, which has grown from a 200-bed to a 600-bed facility.

Hospital Expansion and Medical College Pursuit

The hospital, initiated a decade ago, has witnessed remarkable progress, benefiting over 160,000 people. Additionally, Dr. Bharat Boghara has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in the last twelve years. While serving the community, he is also planning to pursue a medical degree in the United States.

Educational Aspirations for Sons

Dr. Bharat Boghara’s sons are actively engaged in academics, with the elder one pursuing pharmacy studies at an American university. The younger one, in 7th grade, aspires to continue his education in the medical field. Dr. Bharat Boghara takes pride in balancing his political, social, and family responsibilities while striving for excellence in various domains.

Running 14 Private Limited Companies from Small to Large

Very few people know that I have a keen interest in business. I manage a total of 14 private limited companies, ranging from small to large, using a combination of my skills. Apart from my business ventures, I find satisfaction in contributing to society, providing employment in hospitals through my companies, and assisting people in various needs, both big and small. Engaging in politics and being responsible for a party that addresses societal issues is also a part of my nature. If any work slips from my hands and doesn’t get completed, I don’t find peace until it is resolved. I live a content and enjoyable life, appreciating it to the fullest.

A Schedule from Morning till Night

Talking about my daily schedule and fitness, I wake up at 6:30 AM and spend an hour playing badminton and another hour working out. If there is any disturbance in the schedule due to election times, I compensate by working quickly and efficiently. From morning to night, I engage in various activities, managing family time between business, party-related work, and personal work. I value my family’s support, and even though 80% of my time is dedicated to politics, I allocate 10% for personal activities. Occasionally, when injustice is done to the family regarding time allocation, I compromise by giving them a little less time.

Living in Kamalapur with Parents

My parents live in Kamalapur, along with my elder brother and sister-in-law. They prefer staying in the village, and whenever time permits, or if there’s any function there, I make it a point to visit and spend time in the village or here in Rajkot. Building and maintaining relationships with people and ensuring that no one is unhappy due to me is my natural tendency. My circle of friends is quite extensive, ranging from Gandhinagar to Gujarat and different regions in Hindustan, where I have significant social and political connections.

My Political Guru is Narendra Modi

When it comes to memorable moments in life and political influences, Dr. Bharat Boghra mentions that his political guru is Narendra Modi. The most unforgettable moment in his life was the inauguration of his hospital when Narendra Modi had visited, creating a moment that he will never forget.

Favorite Film, Food, Fashion, and Destination

Regarding his favorites, Dr. Bharat Boghra states that he is not much into films and does not have any specific hobbies. His favorite food includes bajra rotla and ringan no oto (Baingan Bharta). For sweets, he particularly enjoys Jalebi. In terms of clothing, he likes wearing Kurtas with Pajamas or Sherwanis. When it comes to travel, he loves visiting hill stations and currently owns a single Fortuner car for transportation. In terms of gadgets, he uses a mobile, iPad, and laptop regularly. He finds joy in using the iPad for various activities.

Modi, Shah, and Patil’s Impact on Him

Dr. Bharat Boghra appreciates Narendra Modi for his caring nature, Amit Shah for his excellent management skills, and C. R. Patil for his mastery in micro-management. He values their guidance in politics, leadership, and micro-management skills, respectively.

Joyful and Challenging Moments in Life

Discussing happy and challenging moments in life, Dr. Bharat Boghra recalls the joyous occasion of Narendra Modi visiting his hospital as a delightful moment. When it comes to challenges, he mentions facing every difficulty as an opportunity to learn and adapt, finding enjoyment in the journey of life.

Stepping Down as Chairman of Sardar Patel Jal Sanchay Nigam

Dr. Bharat Boghra, the former Chairman of Sardar Patel Jal Sanchay Nigam, resigned from his position in January 2021. While he successfully handled the responsibilities as the Deputy President of BJP in Gujarat, he decided to step down from the position to focus on his role as the Deputy President and delegate responsibilities effectively. The decision was prompted by his dedication to fulfilling his responsibilities efficiently, maintaining the organization’s accountability.

Controversy Surrounding Supporters Removed

Addressing a controversy that emerged a few years ago, Dr. Bharat Boghra clarifies that his name was unfortunately involved in a major dispute between supporters of Bavsanghar and himself. However, his involvement in significant controversies is scarce, as his name generally comes up positively in discussions, especially during political debates and discussions.

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