Prajwal Revanna Arrested: Updates on the Sex Scandal Case

Karnataka Sex Scandal: Main Accused MP Prajwal Revanna Returns to India from Germany

The main accused in the Karnataka sex scandal, MP Prajwal Revanna, has returned to India from Germany. After landing at the Bengaluru airport, he was immediately taken into custody by the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Prajwal was then taken to the CID office, where he was kept overnight.

According to media reports, Prajwal will be interrogated for the first time this Friday. Following this, he will undergo a medical test. Prajwal will also be produced before the magistrate’s court. The police will demand his custody there. Additionally, a forensic team will take audio samples from him to determine if the voice in the viral sex video belongs to him or not.

The main accused in the Karnataka sex scandal MP Prajwal Revanna, is returning to India from Germany on the night of May 30-31. According to PTI, he had booked a business class ticket from Munich to Bengaluru. Tight security arrangements were made at the airport as well.

Prajwal is facing allegations from three women. He had left for Germany after the Lok Sabha elections on April 26, and since then, he had not been traceable. Prajwal is the JD(S) candidate from the Hassan Lok Sabha seat.

Prajwal Released a Video on May 27

Prajwal released a video on May 27 announcing that he would appear before the SIT for questioning on May 31. He had denied the allegations against him, stating, “I have faith in the court. I believe that I will be acquitted of false charges by the court.”

Prajwal had applied for anticipatory bail in the Sessions Court, but it was rejected.

Former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda had issued a video warning on behalf of Prajwal to return to India and face the investigation. The warning was issued three days after the warning given by his grandfather on May 23.

Deve Gowda stated that he was not pleading with Prajwal but warning him. If he does not pay heed to this warning, he will have to face the wrath of me and my entire family.

The law will investigate the allegations against him, but if he does not listen to me, he will be left alone. If he values my word, he should return immediately.

Prajwal Said – I Seek Forgiveness from My Parents and Grandfather

Prajwal stated in a video sent to a Kannada TV channel, “First and foremost, I seek forgiveness from my parents, my grandfather Kumaraswamy, and the members of my party and the people of the state.

I’m not revealing where I am. When the elections were held on April 26, there were no cases against me. At that time, the SIT was not formed. My foreign trip was planned long before.

So, I got to know about it through YouTube and the news, then I received notice from SIT through my ex-account, and I have 7 days to appear.”

What is the Karnataka Sex Scandal?

An incident involving Prajwal Revanna came to light when a woman who worked at his house accused him of caste discrimination. On April 26, public places in Bangalore witnessed a large-scale pen drive distribution.

It was alleged that there were 3,000 to 5,000 videos on the pen drive, in which Prajwal was seen indulging in caste discrimination against many women. The faces of the women were not blurred.

As the cases increased, the state government formed an SIT. Prajwal faced three FIRs, including allegations of rape, harassment, blackmail, and threats.

The SIT revealed that Prajwal had sexually assaulted more than 50 women, aged between 22 and 61 years. Among them, 12 women were forcibly involved in relationships, leading to sexual abuse against them. Other women were lured in various ways, exploiting their sexual favors.

Prajwal offered some people the post of sub-inspector, some the post of tehsildar, and some a job in the food department.

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